The buzz is in my veins,

and I'm just an uncontrolled

girl alone on stage growing

my hair out again (past my

shoulder blades) soon I'll be

back to normal.


The formal slap of this unwilling

girl on her fathers fifty-sixth

birthday (20 going on 1)


Unreasonable shame, I just want

to become a solid shape (buzzing)

scream the words that make me up

through the wires (fuzzing) down my

throat - don't tell me how low to

wear my jeans - heels too high -

breasts? - I've had them sense I was

twelve (what do you want me to do

about them?)


Shop around a dance floor, pick out

the darkest corner and hum to the

touch of a stranger.


The danger of youth pours out of my

skin like sweat - I just let it slide from

curve to curve - the nerve of some

silences! Like the blue of my boyfriend

(colorless) to me but noticeable to the

rest of the world - I've curled into him

like Eve before her birth. Deep inside

the muscle of his rib cage. Don't tell me

to vacate.


Reiterate my warrior status - slow down the

pace of my face as it twists around the noise;

the poise of a girl (uncaring) look at me like

I'm willing to be ready (but am I ready to be

willing?) filling in the patches of threadbare

water - I can hear everything, and when I talk

you can't help but look toward the echo.


What is poetry? What are words? Can

I form them in space before I replace

them in my mind -


(Fuck your overwhelming good luck)


I kind of like being stuck in my situation

(from time to time) I like to rhyme,

but mostly just chime like the salty

spray off Eliot Bay - do you hear anything

that I say?


Just a young girl. For Real! Don't steal my

wide eyed temptation - I know what I'm doing,

and even if I don't it's my life to play with.


My body to sway with.


My soul to lay with.


My internal microphone is buzzing - dear dad

in all of his silver haired splendor who read my

chicken scratch poetry when I was ten but forgot

about the hobby sometime between his backhand

that landed me on the floor, and me running away

to right here (right now.)