Fear to Love chapter 13 -The Last : (

A day passed and then another. She'd lost a lot of blood and had an infection; fevers burned her mind and love continued to torment and confuse her. But again love surrounded her on every side. It was so comforting to see Dr, Ken, his gray eyes so concerned, or to see Christoff or one of the kids come and give her a little kiss or a glass of water. Hen the captain would come and say something encouraging. So thus treated she began slowly to recover. The captain made the company stay there until she was strong enough to travel. They made the return trip in three weeks before reaching the port.

In the way, Ida had enough strength to put her dried bouquet at David's grave. The sun lent her energy and she found that her heart belonged to Kenneth Wilson. The children also noticed and joked so much about it, that almost all of their past sufferings were forgotten. They boarded the train and the sea smelt of home. Ken and Ida loved to talk he often took her to the board and brought her a lemonade and they would just spend a warm afternoon just chatting. He was so tall and so square that left Ida breathless. His black eyebrows framed his eyes very handsomely and his lips were in a constant smile for he enjoyed jokes immensely and laughed a good deal. He was very compassionate with his patients and Ida couldn't find a trifle of cruelty in him. Physically, he looked a little like Ida, though she was a bit darker.

The captain was enchanted with the match and offered counsel and advice freely. The trip passed happily and safe and they finally arrived. At the port there was a cheering crowd with banners and flags and bands.

"Who's coming? Who's coming Who are they cheering?" asked Ida excitedly.

"They are cheering his company and you're a part of it" answered the captain looking deeply into her eyes. All of them waved and bowed as the wounded were carried down first and they waved too. Then one soldier would run pell-mell in one direction and meet a relative, wife or girlfriend, then another and another. It was Ida's turn to step down. She leaned on the railing and held tightly on Ken's arm. The big crowd was jumping and chanting and the band was blaring joyfully.

Ida scanned for a familiar face. Ken shielded his eyes from the sun. Then Ida gave a long shriek and walked unsteadily down the ramp.

"Meredith!" she cried waving violently and a big smile getting bigger all the time on her face. She reached her at last in the middle of the noisy crowd and laughing and crying they hugged each other for a long reassuring time.

"Mere, I want you to meet…Oh, where did he go?" Wondered Ida for Ken had entirely disappeared. But then a little troop of children surrounded them, and Meredith fell on her knees kissing this one, hugging that one and crying over all of them. Then the local children were introduced and even captain Gerard who was passing by.

About that time, Ken reappeared.

"Where were you, Ken? Come, this is Meredith; Mere, this is Kenneth Wilson, the company's doctor and the one who saved me from the fire." exclaimed Ida with a flourish. Everyone beamed and smiled one to the other. Then one by one, the smiles dropped and there was a silence. The crowd continued to talk and the noise was still deafening, yet all of the little group's eyes turned to Ken who was clearing his throat.

"Ahem, Rossie… I mean…Miss Robbins; I want to ask you something." he took a little box out of his pocket and kneeled in front of the awed Ida.

"Would you like to be my wife?" he asked staring fixedly at her face. She was smiling and crying covering her mouth with her hands and giving little squeals.

"Why, I can't believe it! It's the most blessed thing that's ever happened to me!" she exclaimed at last.

"Can I take that for a yes?" inquired Ken still kneeling, with a pleading voice.

"Yes! Oh, yes, Ken! I love you, I'm not afraid anymore!"

He stood up and opened his arms, and Ida, after a quick glance around, jumped and hung on to his neck, and he gave her a twirl. The crowd turned and unanimously started to clap and cheer for them. Ida blushed and reached nervously for Christoff's hand while they retreated to the waiting automobile

Some time later...

There were blooming narcissi at the church's door and also down the aisle. Ken was dancing on his feet while he waited. Then, the happy moment was on hand and there was a lull on the people's voices. A door creaked dryly and Captain Gerard Williams appeared. His newly pressed coat displayed a lot of badges, bars, stars and more condecorations. Colors and metals made him shine brightly, though not as brightly as his own smile. Everyone took one look at him, as he was the first one to step out, but, what utterly took all the stares and admiration was the joyful-faced young bride who glided beside him. Amid floating veils and satin she marched confidently forward. Love was clearly written on her eyes and she never left Ken's face. The ceremony was short and concise, the vows were said and the rings were given. Captain Gerard had given the bride away and as the new-weds walked out of the banquet room he addressed them.

"Congratulations, Ida and Ken! God bless you!"

"Thank you so much, Dad." said Ida.

"Yes, Captain, thanks."

"Good bye, children, take care." he whispered.

Then the new couple walked down the stairs.

"You sure look nice in white!" he yelled to the running car, off to their honeymoon.

(Five years later)

A little boy of four was playing happily with his toys; he grabbed them and threw them and tried to catch them. Then one toy caught his attention: a little plush mouse. An idea seemed to strike him, for his countenance changed into a mischievous face. He crawled to the nearest bush, scratching himself in the process. He stealthily advanced to the unsuspecting victims. He chose his locations carefully and stuck the mouse, after he had wound it, between two stones. Then he crawled some more until he was exactly behind his prey. Then, with a long stick, he quietly pushed the stones and the toy sprung forward, directly to the next bush. Right after, there was a woman's cry:

"A mouse! A mouse, Ken I'm sure it was! It went over there!" she screamed.

The young man went slowly in her pointed direction.

"Here? This way, Rosie?" He kept asking as he fussed and pocked around with a stick in the bushes.

The atmosphere was all right so the little boy proceeded to pinch the nearest toe of the barefooted lady. The jump she gave and the squeal was such a good reward for the little boy that he gave up secrecy and laughed out loud, clapping his hands joyously. Ken understood and he followed him, laughing so infectiously that Ida, after a long sight, giggled too. There was a young man, 16 or 17 years old who was roaring for all he was worth, to him turned Mrs. Wilson.

"Christoff, would you mind teaching David how to weed a garden, please?" Speech that sent him off again, coiling on the grass as he laughed. Mr. Kenneth said something privately to him, so little David came and took his mother's hand,

"Can you forgive me, Mamma?" he asked contritely. Ida thought about it for a second with a half smile on her face, then she swept him up on her arms and hugged him very tightly.

"Yes, Davie, 'course I do, I love you, baby."

"I love you too, Mamma." said he.

Then Ken opened his arms and embraced them both, Cristoff then shyly neared and entered into the hug. Meredith gave one look and came running, hugging them all with her arms wet with laundry water. Then, almost at the same time, all the children came from the garden tumbling and sandwiched them all. Cook was watching out of the window and opened his arms for Mrs. Millie, and Mr. Parks completed the little group hug in the kitchen.

For love is a sweet thing, and every living thing is blessed to give love and to receive it; Love is Love forever and even when it's a little tricky, there's no need to have

Fear to Love.

The End.

By S.A.G.M.

For my sister Alma

with thankfulness

For believing in my stories.

W.L. - S.D.G.

I Cor. 16:14

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