I am the little girl that cries to see daddy in his uniform, off to war again

I am the innocence that's lost when mommy screams to go away.

I am the confused child, who cowers in the corner,

The monsters aren't supposed to follow you home!

I am the determined step kid, who sobs, 'cuz

My Mommy's fucking The Monster!

I am the stubborn kitten, who yells her opinion,

Only to get another bruise on her cheek.

I am the sullen tween, who never knew the true meaning of family

I am the rebel teen, who thinks thirteen means everything's gonna be alright.

I am the young woman with her own mind, who knows I have to fight to survive.

I am a broken soul, lost in a world were I never belonged.

I am the young villain, whose crimes start with hurting myself.

I am a flower, without a home,

who lost any chance of survival when mommy married my monster.

I am a survivor.

I know the truth as I know it.

Peace is a Deception created in Desperation.

I will fight every step of the way.