A/N: The Prologue and first chapter will follow each other quickly.

Rain drizzled on the fertile Texas soil. The night was cold and dark, no moon visible due to the black clouds. Lightning splashed across the sky followed by loud claps of thunder. It wasn't an ideal night to be out, but some things have to be taken care of right away.

This was the reason three figures were out this late, during this storm. One wore the attire of a Texan priest, a hat with a wide brim circling all of it, and the normal priest clothing for the 1800s. The other two were dressed as cowboys, complete with the hats. When the next lightning struck it showed that all of their faces held a grim expression, as if they had be sentenced to death.

"Sam, is it really around here?" One of the cowboys asked the other.

The one with the gray mustache replied, "Be patient Travis. This is one of many things we're going to need to win the revolution."

The priest fumbled along after the two as they continued to walk. The holy man wasn't used to these kind of conditions, especially this late in the evening.

"Travis, get out the bait." Sam Houston ordered, stopping abruptly.

"Yes sir." Travis replied, reaching into one of his pockets. When he pulled his hand out his fingers were gripping long black hair that was connected to a shrunken head. "I think my matches got wet."

Hearing this, Houston reached into his own pockets and supplied a dry box of matches. He walked quickly over to Travis and lit a match under the touching brims of their hats. With the lit match he touched the edge of the black hair, then stood back, dropping the match to the ground. It sputtered and went out. Travis threw the shrunken head as far as he could without getting burned. Mysteriously when the head hit the ground the fire stayed alight, no matter how water logged it got.

"Demon come forth!" Travis shouted. A cold wind circled them, blowing more rain into their faces. However they stood in the same spots, knowing that if they moved it would give the demonic being an advantage. The shrunken head's fire went out. The priest let out a groan but was silenced by Travis. A small, white light was circling where the head had been.

"If this is the bait, I'm just going to have to take it. Too bad the hair is burnt." Came an eerie voice from the direction of the light.

Houston nodded to the priest who stood forward, his bible open, cross clutched in his hand. "In the name of the great Lord in heaven, demon, you are cursed to this land until the day you accept a human to carry you high into the clouds of our Father's heavens, where you will become one of his angels!" The priest yelled, throwing the cross at the light. When the cross made contact with the ground a hiss came from the light, then it disappeared inside the cross. The rain stopped, the sky cleared, and the shrunken head was gone.

"Let's get back." Houston declared and began walking back to where they had tied their horses to a few cactuses. The next town was more than a mile away, and they had to make it to there that night.