That bastard boy's got his lungs on his sleeve,
olive eyes that won't let me leave.
No one can take him away from me.
Save him from me.
No one can help him;
he's doomed from the start
with a broken life that could rip him apart.
Give him the strength he needs to survive,
a bruised hand from those olive eyes.
I wish I could help you.
but running only seems so cold.
So young and so reckless,
you can never grow old.
No more blood for money
and no more blood for pride.
Keep taking it in stride.
I only wish I knew what I could do.
If I'm not around, are you doomed to fall?
I'll always be there, if ever at all
I can promise and sacrifice my soul
to save you and make you
what you might never become.
Oh olive eyes,
this heart cries in pity
for your exasperated soul.
I wish that I could save you from
this unrevealing destiny
where nobody has to hurt you anymore.