Love is All Very Well Until it Fails

I'm a romantic at heart.

And that heart sits on my sleeve for all to see.

I lean back and relax,

Praising Norah for her

Insight and views.

I sigh at the heroes in stories,

And swoon

As they climb towers, and all too soon

For me,

The princess is saved.


I'm known to be cynical,

But sometimes this critical,

Embittered girl,

Feels the need to shrug at the world and say:

Can't I dream of romance?


Guess it's inevitable.


I was made to love and sigh and cry

At all the right times

In the fairy tale.

And then turn around

And state

That fate

And dragons and princes and elves

Are all very well.

But nothing beats the real thing,

Until it fails.

I watched Waiting to Exhale.

With my mother divorcée.

With a tray of comfort foods

As we cussed all men,

And indulged in forgetting the love,

In lieu of the pain.