What shines through the foliage?
Moonlight, gently being sprayed by the rustling leaves
Tales are being told, subtle yet undisturbed,
As a pair of creaking wheels slowly approaches
Finding their way on the tones of a cold winter night..
Now on a familiar trail, the next moment shrouded in complete darkness
You ride towards an unknown dawn, painting like a playful ribbon

But then..

You stop..

…and listen…

To all those hidden stories around you..
Flimsy tendrils of a broken mist are swimming across a distant meadow
Water cushions for an eternally green hayfield
A lonely wanderer appears to be floating right through it
With only a pale moonlight filling his silent shadows..
Chiseled by the moment, time becomes no more than a veil
Until ebbing away within the choirs of moonlit dew

"How can you not hear these stories"

You smile… knowing those tales are timeless
Yet, they're being sung differently every day again
You smile… knowing each moment is Holy
But you cry… because one can hear their tales, but rarely someone listens
You cry… as a church owl flies off in the distance

A minute becomes an hour, and more
But it matters all so little
Relativity.. not?
"Who came up with that idea again?"

People are awakening.. having breakfast and are getting ready to work
While you… you're still listening
Frozen to your steering wheel (definitely).. hey what does it matter
You've just wandered along with timelessness, caught in an
Eruption of inkless poetry

Molded from a distant horizon, the still shy sun meanders across the dewy meadow
Pondering about the thousand moons disappearing within her lemon-coloured light
Echoes resound, dropping like flower petals on a still unknown path

"Yes, this is eternity"

What shines through the foliage?
Your light, softly being sprayed by your everlasting smile
Your light, dispelling even an eternal darkness, effortlessly
Your light, shining from within, like a thousand moons within a thousand dewdrops
Your light, so much more than your eyes could ever tell

Tales are being told, subtle yet undisturbed,
As you decide to go to class nevertheless..