(A/N: Just a small disclaimer. The person who modeled for this poem is a mystery guest who does not belong to me. However, I loved him so much that I couldn't help myself but sing his praises to the highest heavens.)

Do you know what beauty is?

Came the whisper upon the breeze,

With eyes closed and a dreamy smile,

With a sigh I whisper back,

Beauty is…

A blond hallow,

Glinting in the silver moon,

Creamy pale, the fairest of features,

Softer than the softest silk,

Eyes of emerald, sparkling gems,

Gleaming with an inner light,

Crimson lips, the colour of blood,

Sweeter than the sweetest wine,


Beauty knows no categories.

Then do you know what love is?

Came the breezy murmur,

With eyes glimmering, with a small smile,

With appreciation I murmur back,

Love is…

Fire, sizzling dancing flames,

Like passion, fiery, soul searing,

A pillar standing tall and proud,

A strong foundation on shaky ground,

Links of fate, a chain of destiny,

Untouchable, unbreakable, unavoidable,

A ray of brightness piercing the dark,

A guiding light for the lost in loneliness,

A simple promise, no matter the risk,

To never let go, no matter the cost,


Love knows no boundaries.

Yes, beauty knows no categories,

Yes, love knows no boundaries,

Merely words, flimsy excuses,

For the beauty in my eye,

Is not a girl but instead aguy,

With deep, deep love comes pain so true,

Because this longing is one of taboo,

Forbidden and cursed, cause a guy I am too.