We're Hacking Each Other By Jay McFadden Parody of So Happy Together

(Parody #36)

You see me hacking you. Who knew?
You think you should hit me tonight. It's only right.
Your theft of files removed my gloves. It's time to fight.
We're Hacking each other.

My modem calls you up. It's virus time.
But all the while you're hacking me. Like Spy vs Spy.
Now this is how it has to be. It's do or die.
We're hacking each other.

You can't see me messing with your CPU!
Hope it got fried!
Then you'd hack me! Looks like my pics are gone too!
And sold online!

I'd hit you, then you'd hit me.
No matter what the sacrifice, it's clear to see It's time to take revenge on you, when I un-freeze. We're hacking each other.

Sometimes it seems you're held together with glue!
So then I strike!
But then I see sev'ral new files come from you And crash my lines!

Hitting you for booting me.
Nobody said hacking was nice. This your IP?
My fire walls you won't get through. Or so it seemed.
We're hacking each other.

1001! 1011011!
1011! 1001011!

Me then you, then you then me.
My mother board's been sliced and diced. Now rebooting.
Your hard-drive will now blow a fuse. I'm deleting.
We're hacking each other.

Yes hacking each other.
Now and forever.
I'm sending another.
Now ducking for cover.
We're hacking each other.
Still hacking each other.
Just hacking each other.
We'll never recover.

(Note: Hack the world... Nuke the whales... Eat a giblet.)