"Broken Love"


It's so cold…

I can barely feel you next to me.
Your presence scorns my eyes, the silence dreadful.
Words lose themselves against my lips.

I can't think of anything to say…

Your expression fits you well.
It speaks no answers to my unbidden questions.
There lodged in my throat; the escape is futile.

My breath is still holding fast…

When was the last time I respired?
With you, there's not even a chance to blink.
My eyes are burning but I won't tear my gaze away.

It never hurt this much to merely look at you…

I can't stand how frozen your orbs seem to me.
Does it pain you to watch my crimson tears fall?
Or do you remain impassive as my heart bleeds within?

The way we are now wasn't what I'd wanted…

I don't think my smiles have ever been this fake.
Love wasn't this painful before; why now?
Do you want me to crumble right in front of you?

All I want to do is embrace you…

The sudden fear residing deep inside is awful.
I can barely even lift a finger to run along your face.
Why don't you care about me anymore?

If I could only feel your tender caress…

For the longest time I trusted your every decision.
When did it get so hard to agree with you?
Even I told you there was no possible way you were wrong.

I cannot accept the truth now…

I need you.
Can't you tell from the way I'm crying?
How my lips are trembling with each sob?

It's so cold…

As I am touching you, warmth is no longer present.
I miss you and you're right beside me; skin against skin.
And finally, the four words sputter from my wretched cries.

"I still love you."