Two and a half years

On the day we first met

Our eyes burned a hole in each other's hearts

And we knew from that day on,

Things would be different for us

It took half a year for us to confess our love

That single moment

Was a turning point in each of our lives

Through summer days

We walked along beaten down paths

Exploring new areas

And working our way into one another's hearts

Summer turned to fall

And fall to winter

While we spent less time together

The flame that had etched itself

Into our young hearts

Was burning low, but bright

A year had passed since our first confession of love

And each new day

Brought a new smile

Simply by hearing your voice

But the honey-moon phase

Was slowly coming to an end

The summer passed

And fall came

Bringing new turmoil and problems

Each new issue bringing a new battle scar

But we waged the war

And fought on

Fall and winter passed

Spring came again

We faced another battle

And lost

Each of us, turning away

To another path

Reunited again

Later that season

We rejoiced

With a renewed energy to fight on

Summer passed

The more recent battle scars

Still showing

Still hurting

Summer turned to fall

And in the newly born season

We parted ways again

Turning to new paths

That with each second

Brought us further and further apart

During the gloomy season

My heart cries for you

Wishing we were still

Walking the same beaten comfortable path

But with each new tear that falls

You seem to drive a new knife

Further into my battered heart

In the years that we've known each other

You slipped through my guarded wall

As a knight would on his stallion

To save the princess

At the end of a fairie tale

But instead

You tore down my wall

Leaving me bare and alone

Not once

When you made each individual promise

Did I think you would ever truly

Go back on your word

Not once

Did I ever truly think

You would be the one who got through my wall

And inflict the most damage upon me

Not once

Did I really ever think

You'd break my broken and bleeding heart