Another day

Another conversation

Another invisible tear

We're friends

Or so we say

But while you're with her

My heart crumbles

Into a fine dust

Memories of us plague me

While I'm awake

And in my sleep

Where I used to find solace

In peaceful dreams

Lately, there has been so such thing

As "solace"

A sharp blade

Dancing across my skin

A peaceful night

Lying awake

Silently screaming

Another meal

Being passed

"It's just a scratch from the cat"

When mom asks about my arm

I've learned to hide them well

"I miss you. And I love you"

I whisper as we hang up the phone

Even though you're miles away

"I'll eat later, at home"

When dad tells me to have lunch

He's learning I have my own life

A sharp blade

Dances across my skin

Another river of blood flows

"I just want to be numb"

Another meal being passed

As I begin to very rarely

Ever be hungry

"Just one more size"

Another day has passed

Another tear has fallen

Another night is spent alone

This time

I watch the blade

Dance across porcelain skin

I skip a few more meals

And I lie awake

Thoughts and memories

Are still consuming my very being

My heart is still breaking

The blade is still dancing

Blood still pouring

My breathing becomes quicker

I'm silently screaming

Asking for you to love me

Those screams are still going

Completely ignored

And unanswered

Minutes later

I'm lying in bed

Resting peacefully

Blood stained sheets all around me

Containing my body

Hiding the scars

That I took such care

To make excuses for

Hiding the shame

That I always kept silent

Hiding myself

From everything

That life brought me

And my new death

Would bring me