Part 6: The Crossbreeds Cometh


"Looks like things are getting interesting up north." Said Ayla as she and Amy watched the news.

"Boston falls to the rebels but then they just vanish?" asked Amy. "How does that happen?"

"They simply went home." Said Chen, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"Chen!" Ayla exclaimed. "How did you do that?"

"Mara and Florence by way of the Matrix." Chen said as she stepped aside. Behind her were Chen's mother and grandmother, both of which were holding the children that were taken several weeks ago.

"What's she doing here?" Asked Amy, referring to Ayako.

"Relax, she's on our side now." Chen replied. "And I already told you—once my mom and I were reunited we'd switch our names back."

"So this means you're Ayako?" Amy asked.

"Yes, it always was." She replied. "Legally, my name is Chen Law Kyomora. When my mother disappeared I changed it to hers so I could command our forces. Now that she's back things can go back to the way they should."

"I see we have company." Said Charles as he came in. "And just in time, too—Dr. Clark has determined Amy should give birth soon."

"Goodness, you're huge!" Chen exclaimed. "I had twins and I didn't look anything like that."

"Well you weren't having Hybrids, Chen." Amy replied. "I'll be happy when they're finally born."

"Let's get going." Said Charles. "The good doctor has a place prepared." The group went outside got into Charles' boat by the water. He steered the boat past patrol boats and they landed at an island that clearly could not be seen from the air. While Chen and Ayako tied the boat down Charles and Ayla helped Amy out of the boat. The island they were now on was fairly large. The low buildings showed that people were also living there.

He led them into a two story building and they were ushered into the basement where Dr. Clark was waiting. "Today's the day." She said with a smile. "You're about to make history, Amy. No one has ever made it this long through a Hybrid Pregnancy and lived."

The sound of helicopters and shouting outside averted everyone's attention. "What's that?" asked Ayla.

"I'll check on it." Said Mara as she ran to the door. A moment later she returned. It's the Government! They're here!"

"How did they find this place?" asked Charles. "This island can't be found on any map and our jamming system prevents radar detection."

"We might have been followed." Said Chen.

"We can't lose now." Said Amy. We've done too much!"

"I shall deal with them." Said Ayako. "When they see me they won't attack.

"Wait!" Chen exclaimed. "I have an idea…"


"Is this the place?" Normandy asked an agent as he stepped foot on the famous Key Hybrid island.

"Yes, sir." The man replied. "No doubt about it."

"I see…" he trailed as he spotted three figures walking towards him. When they came closer he saw that it was Florence, and she wasn't alone. With her were Charles and Chen.

"Good God, Florence!" Normandy exclaimed. "You were hunting all this time?"

"Of course." She replied with a sadistic smile. "Now that I've caught up with these two, I'm going to have my way with them."

"Chen Law and Charles Venice." Normandy said to them, his expression unchanged. "Miss Law, you're charged the bombing of a fertility clinic in China and the deaths of four people. Ex-Agent Venice, you're a useless prick. How do you plead?" The two remained silent.

"Either way, you're both as good as dead." Said Florence as she kicked them both to their knees. She unsheathed her Katana and held it high over Chen's head.. "Before your execution, do you have any last words?"

"Yes." Said Charles. "Now!" suddenly, the beach swarmed with various figures. Every single one of them was a Hybrid save a single swordswoman.

"A counter trap?" asked Normandy in surprise.

"No." Florence replied as the swordswoman drew closer. "You're through, Normandy!" Before Normandy could react Florence cut Charles and Chen free.

"Traitor!" He exclaimed.

"Tool would be more appropriate." She replied as she pointed her weapon in his face.

"So you know everything." He said.

"Yes." She replied as she shed her Government uniform to reveal a Rebel Uniform. "And my real name is Ayako Kyomora, also known as the Sword Demon. Meet my mother, the Mankiller!"

"Impossible!" He cried.

"That's not the only surprise." Charles said as she transformed. "How does it feel to know a Hybrid could have killed you at any time but didn't?"

"I see." He Normandy replied. "I get it now. This whole thing was a setup."

"That's where you're wrong." Mara replied as she held her sword to his back. "You just had the misfortune of thinking you can catch Hybrids off-guard. The ones who live here don't sleep."

"I'll ask again." Said Ayako as she held her ground. "Agent Normandy, do you have any last words?"

"Why, yes." He replied calmly. "You might want to turn around."

"Hello, dear." Said a new voice. "Remember us?"

"Jin and Li Chang." Chen said as she felt two guns pressed into her back.

"Good." Li replied. "Drop it."

"I'm afraid she can't do that." Said Charles before picking them both up by the throat.

"I wouldn't do that, beast!" Said Chris Reid before hitting Charles with a tazer. "It's death to harm someone under witness protection." More and more Agents soon poured onto this island until they nearly matched the number of Hybrids present. Charles, Chen, Ayako and Mara faced the suits with their back together.

"We warned you this was going to happen, Chen." Said Jin. "We even hired the government to get us what we were promised."

"YOU did that?!" Chen asked in surprise.

"You didn't really think your new friend did that all by herself, did you?" Li asked. "She was working for us. We originally planned to kill you next but then you went and disappeared. Now that we've caught up with you we're going to settle things once and for all!"


"The first one's a Lion, male." Said Dr. Clark during the c-section birth. "Congratulations."

"He looks so...human." Ayla remarked.

"Not all Hybrids make their animal characteristics obvious." Dr. Clark replied. "The second is a Hawk, also Male. The third is a Wolf, Female."

"This guy's got wings." One of the attendants noted.

"We're not done yet." Said Dr. Clark. "I found the one that may have been the cause of Amy's fast healing. It's a Phoenix, Female. The final baby is a Dragon, Male."

"Did you just say 'dragon'?" asked Ayla.

"Yes, I did." She replied. "Now that they've arrived I'll close her up."

"Wait a minute, Doctor." Said another attendant as he looked at a monitor.

"What is it?" she asked.

"There's one more." He replied.


"My friend is giving birth in that building." Said Chen. "Can't we finish this somewhere else?"

"No one is going anywhere." Normandy replied. "You hear the lady, Chris. "Your wife's giving birth. Why don't you go and see what you're having. Emphasis being on what."

"Of course." He said as he turned to go, followed by a few other agents. "Amy's going to die when she sees me!"

"No!" Chen exclaimed before jumping over the group and in front of Chris. "I will not let you get near her or the babies! You'll have to go through me!"

"And me." Said Mara as she joined Chen. "And us." Said Charles as he and Ayako joined in. The other Hybrids seemed to get the idea as the moved closer as well.

"If you want to die now, that's your problem." Said Normandy. "Kill them all." With that, several hundred weapons opened fire on the four of them.

"Damn it!" Charles exclaimed as he took cover.

"Energy Force!" Mara, Ayako and Chen said in unison. "Force Slash!" With that they deflected every single bullet, not letting one get through. They were doing perfect but all three knew they could not keep it up forever. There was a very high chance they were going die…


So ends this story. Like what you just read? Good. This should hold you at least 4 months—I got other shit to update, lol!