prayer2.html AN: hey all!!! this is a poem I wrote after the deathof my cousin's 7 year old daughter, Alex. Alex was in a house fire and was severly burned. After staying in the hospital for a week she left us for a better place. Her death made me think about all that I am thankful for. I hope it makes you think about all that you are thankful for.

Dedication: to Alex, may you rest in peace 3 yas

A Prayer of Thanks

Dear God,

Thank you for my family
Who love me so much

Thank you for my friends
Who are always there

Thank you for my pets
Who put a smile on my face

Thank you for my teachers
Who give me knowledge

Thank you for the farmers
Who grow the food we eat

Thank you for my home
A roof over my head

Thank you for the earth
On which we all live

And thank you for my life

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