Poem: In My Eyes...Can I find Love?

Author: Charisma

In my dark solitude

I think of you

You are the person I want

The one I want under my spell

I reach out to you

Are you there?


Will you ever be there?

Yes, if I have anything to do with our dark love

I feel tired

Perhaps you already have me under your spell

I start to shake

My heart beats faster

And my breath comes to seem like a depressed sigh

What is this?

I feel...loved

Is that possible for me?

This is crazy...

Suddenly my dark solitude has a dim light to you call out to me


Is that my real name?

I really don't live up to the meaning of it

You come closer

The light is getting brighter


Stay away!

But my heart wants you closer

At this point

Is it possible to get hurt?

Don't smile at me!

I can't take it!

I want to be alone

I need to be alone

The light is shining it's brightest

And I actually smile a real smile

I...I love you

And I always will