My Fallen Friend

Character: Ushio and Jin

Author: Sailor Uranus

Rating: R




Goes your bloody corpse...

Perhaps to take your last breath as you come into contact with the


Or perhaps to suffer as I smile and taste the sweet crimson liquid

against the ice cold metal.

You were once my friend

But ALL good things come to an end.

You chose to suffer

You chose to know the true meaning of a backstabber

And me as your friend showed you. Too bad you can't be alive to thank


Not like you did when we were friends anyway.

As you lay there and gasp for air.

I trace your face and smile sweetly.

You couldn't be more pathetic.

Call me crazy

Call me insane

But remember this

I was the one who shoved this knife through your brain.



Know in the end that what I did was right!

We could've been great friends.

But you chose to hurt me.

So I hurt you more!

I needed to!

I wanted to!

To let you see me lick your blood from my sword.

To see you cry.

To see you shake.

To watch you meet your fate.


You wish you had killed my first?

Too bad.

I had to quench my thirst.


My fallen friend!