Nature's Path To You

By: SilverIsamu

As I run through these monstrous woods

And icy cold river

I can only think of you

Your beautiful smile

As the sun shows me the way

To the one that's true

I pass springs and waterfalls

And I already taste the lips

That which are calling to me

Trust in your love, I pick up speed

Wanting to reach you

To me, you came from the mysterious clouds above

I'm getting closer

And my heart aches more with longing

Come to me in my sleep

I will protect your heart, as you go through each day

I will protect you, pamper you, and serve you

Whatever you want, you'll get that plus more

As I near you, I see your face light up

I like that

It's as if I wipe all your fears away

Just being there with you

I give you a quick kiss

And you giggle

I chuckle and pull back

"Can I hold you forever?" I ask.

"Of course, sempai. Forever." You say.

I hold you and Mother Nature sings peacefully.