To You, My Love

Today I was hit with a pain

That was too thick to swallow;

The realization of the pain I'd be brought if I lost you.

To not be with you,

To have and to hold,

To love and with to grow…

To not hear your voice, your laugh,

To not see your face, your smile,

Is to die the most painful death

A thousand times over.

When you tell me you love me,

I believe you;

I feel it in every way you show me.

I understand you are as afraid of this as I

And you'd rather die than live without me.

So just know, My Love, that unless you ever want me to,

I will never let you go.

Inside of me, there is a special place for you I hold

That will never be replaced.


To you, My Love:

Though we have a storm ahead of us,

Together we will make it through;

Showing just how much love can do.

Soon everything will be alright…

You and I, My Love, will be alright.

So take

And know that from the depths of my soul,

The bottom of my heart,

This comes from me

To you, My Love.