Emotionally fragile, yet temperamentally strong, a lone girl stands. Her hair blows in the wind, and her hair style falls under the weight of tiny snowflakes. The surreal-ness of the moment is suddenly broken when she turns and walks away. She heads inside to talk to her 'friends', who are really people she wants nothing to do with. Freshman year has changed her so much; she finally is beginning to understand life. It has changed her thinking, made everything so much more…It has made her realize, she doesn't like the direction her life is heading. Its time to change.

She walks happily to English, her first class, with an exquisite smile dancing on her lips. She shoots all the boys with porcelain faces and mesmerizing eyes playful glances. Smile and they will think something's going on. Smile long enough and they will stop noticing. Smile, Smile for the camera you broken little girl. Why don't you smile more? You know it lights up a fire in your eyes. It makes you seem like you're more determined than ever. Smile.

She laughs happily and flirts with all the boys. Class just started, no more playing with her favorite toys. She'll manipulate them some other day. The lights turn out; the black and white movie starts playing, and the security light they installed in all the class rooms blinks on over head. The class loses her attention as she replays memories in her mind. She laughs silently to herself as the hands of a former love can be seen poking out from the person next to her. She stares at them, vaguely wondering what it would be like to have them on her body again….to feel his touch on her skin. They're her favorite playthings. Smile pretty, broken little toys. Smile pretty, she loves broken boys.

How many times will she answer the question of 'What's wrong?' How many times will they ask her what kind of drugs she's on. She's not high, she's just tired…It's just the delirium talking. She's going to be just fine, don't worry about her. Stop worrying. Whatever you need, she's the girl to ask. She'll always help you…she just doesn't have the conscious to say no. She just doesn't have the heart to hurt someone. She'll never hurt you, all she knows how to do is help.

The lone light casts pale yellow light onto her fragile features. It almost animates the smile that plays on her lips. It magnifies the glint of mischief in her eyes. Her lip gloss glistens in the false light. To everyone who knows her…no, no body knows her. She's like poison, and she's fatally gorgeous. Don't look at her, the ice on her heart will turn you to stone. She's so broken; you can see it in her eyes.

She loves a boy who doesn't know what his heart is for. She loves him with all of her broken little heart. If it wasn't for the ice it wouldn't stay together, it wouldn't keep beating. You've killed her, but now you're keeping her alive. She thinks you don't care about her, with every fiber of her being. But no matter what, she will always be there for you. She will always love you. She has no choice anymore. There's no hope for her without you.