The Dance

You make your own Kingdom
in the clouds -- build it!
The messiah is within you;
your enemy is your mind-forged manacles.
There are five sides to every story;
light, dark and grey are all the same.

Mary Quite Contrary wrote a story for you to hear
but you do not know how to hear it.
Your senses are clouded:
you do not feel
that the holy Word is your own name,
the light that shines in the darkness.

You cannot understand
that I found another way,
a way that challenges your apocalyptic expectations.
I will make the sacrifice of my soul
to your altar of humanity
because no one will anymore.

Two faces stare out of your eyes,
three faces out of mine,
and still you are blind
You claim that there is no mystery, only logic,
but I see the swirl of black chiffon and pearls
of mystery dancing across the floor of the universe.