He still remembered the circus, a little too well for his conscious. The music and lights, both blatant and obnoxious, disoriented and robbed him momentarily of two of his most keen senses. So when the circus came in town, he knew he had to pay a visit.

The lights were still too bright, but at least the music had died down. Animals in cages snapped their whips, scaring the creatures into submission. Through the heavy metal bars a lion watched him it's large amber eyes caught his. Hunter frowned and passed. 'Stupid humans,' he thought scathingly. Memories flooded his mind, clouding it with the past.

170 Years Ago

He didn't even bother with snarling at the passersby anymore, his blood covered mouth spoke loudly enough. The Cannibal they called him. Yes he feasted on human flesh and blood. The pay was shit but it gave him what he wanted -- isolation for most of the time, a home, food, and when everyone had gone home he had freedom. He at least wasn't deformed like the Bird Woman or the Elephant Man. It was the Elephant Man that Hunter pitied over all others.

Shaking his head to clear it he shot the surrounding humans a heated glare. A young girl screamed and ran away. A small group of school boys burst into howling laughter. The laughter died when Hunter let out a bestial roar. The smell of human waste emanating from the group made him smirk darkly.

The group dispersed quickly, leaving a single man standing before him. The man looked at him, a hint of remorse on his face. Blood dripped from Hunter's hands, falling to the ground in small drops. His eyes widened and his shoulders fell.

"Hello brother," the man before him said. Hunter fell backwards onto his bottom, blood soaking his pants.

"Yes, you and I are related. I didn't think it true, but now that I see you I know it i. When you get let out meet me near the entrance. Until then, brother," he tipped his head and walked away.

Present Day

It was then that Hunter had followed in his twin's footsteps. He had changed into a vampire like Xaldin had. And once he had learned what he'd needed to, Hunter had taken his revenge on the humans.

150 Years Ago

"Mercy, please have mercy!" the Ringleader screamed. His legs were broken, as were his arms. The skin around his eyes had been sliced so blood fell into them, blinding him.

"Kill me now, please, kill me now," he begged piteously. Hunter snarled, "You treated me as if I was your inferior. Maybe, since I am a 'Canniable', I should just eat you while you lay here." The man screamed at the suggestion, and once he had quieted down a little Hunter continued, "How about I let you feel every glorious moment of pain so you can fully understand what you put us 'freaks' though. But I at least am better than you. Goodbye, Ringleader." He rammed his head through the man's chest. He yelled to deaf ears as Hunter pulled the organ out. It beat feebly in Hunter's hand as he brought it to his lips and bit into it.

The man died, his eyes open, blood pouring into the small sockets, covering the eyes entirely. Hunter just laughed at him, tossing the useless organ away. He started walking away, only to be stopped by an animal tamer.

"I heard the screams and -- what the hell did you do?!" The man went for his whip. Hunter grabbed it and roped it around the animal trainer's throat, twisting and pulling it until the man fell to the ground having suffocated. No one else dared challenge him when he walked out.

Present Day

Xaldin had left at least ten years ago, mourning over the death of one of his human pets, and he'd never returned. Hunter deeply regretted it, but night after night he took it out on the pathetic mortals that got in his way.

His attention turned to the lions again, before walking away slowly. The metal twisted and a scream was followed shortly after by a roar that shook the cages. Bristly fur brushed passed him as the lion bounded after people, tearing apart those who stood in its path. Any guns a park officer or zoo keeper had backfired on them, hitting and killing them instead. Hunter looked up at the sky and laughed, letting the screams envelop his laughter. Another massacre had begun.