A Speed Up For Halting


evolving eternity, spoon-lick,

eyelash, drop coffee mug-crash,

all progression shatters.


toothbrush, cellophane, curling

iron, savage rain, and morning

spits at asphalt, click the t.v.

to a standstill.


down stairs, lock door, double-bolt,

can't be too sure these days,

no umbrella, brave the elements,

hail a taxi, stomp a puddle.


awaiting arrival, cold wind, jacket

thin, sort through the mental

files for todays agenda, hand a

stack of bills through the

bullet proof glass.


exit taxi, crack a mind-egg once again,

library closed, there goes my taxi, yellow

out of view, shout the curse of rainy

days, sit on wet brick, find no solice


in the harshest evolving eternity,

matches wet, lighter stolen, tree branches

cover slightly, rain spilling down the sides,

awaiting arrival, the concrete feels lost like me.