Alone again. Always alone.

I came, you see. Here I am.

Where are you? Why aren't you here?

And don't—that stone, with your name—

It's not the same. It's not you.

The wind, it's ruffling my hair,

Like you used to, and your scent is on that breeze,

But they're not you, either, never can be.

You're not here, anymore, not anywhere,

Except beneath the dirt I'm standing on,

Beneath the ground my dirty sneakers are resting on,

Beneath the earth and the worms and the world—

You're not breathing, you're not laughing,

You're not smiling—you're dead.

You're dead. How can you be dead?

You were vibrant, full of fire and passion and life,

And why can't my tears summon you back,

Because I've cried enough to sink the Titanic,

And they're still flowing down my cheeks

And they fall to the earth, don't they absorb into the grass,

Don't they slide down to you?

Alone again. Always alone.

I thought you were different, that you'd keep your promise,

That you'd never leave me.

But I'm always lied to, by everyone—

I thought you were different.

I thought—does it matter what I thought?

You're gone. I'm alone.

And here I stand, wearing your shirt and your necklace

And that stupid promise ring you gave me,

The ring you gave to me when you promised to never leave me,

Here I stand at your stone.

And it doesn't matter how many tears I cry,

How many prayers I pray,

How many times I beg for you to come back,

None of it matters.

None of it matters at all, because—

You're gone. And I'm alone.

I'm always alone in the end.