Rock My World

Sparkling in your eyes
I can see the laughter overcome tears
A smile creeping and tugging on your lips
Urging you to dazzle me with beauty
It fits you, I see
Like a diamond and sapphire ring would on your ring finger
I smile as well, giving in to your own wishes
I hear a soft chuckle and notice you're gigigling
I smile again, and turn it into a grin
I hear you giggle more and ask why
You say it fits me too and I laugh with you
Entwining our hands together
Just before I lean in for a soft kiss
And push you onto the bed
It gets more intense
And soon, we're gasping for breath
I watch you as you die beneath me
I smirk and you smile back
You flip me over, it's my turn
But before you do anything, I kiss you again
And whisper in your ear:
"Bohnee - Rock my world."