You keep saying that wings can fly

Beats like a cursor weaving; drilling; killing

Renew my nail polish; impaled for real. Ice. Right.


-----------------But, what am i saying?

playing. So I got an apple. Shoved it down the Freudian throat. Soft mind.

Put on the vacuum cleaner. Heard the wind eat up my hair. Sheared.


So becoming in a girl.


These little baby hands. These (be)little baby hands.

Trying something new. Lab coats. Pale faces- and reinvention. Plastic.


-----------------But what am i saying?

Hear. The fear. Tingling through my spine.spins. shoot up a root to the carcass.

So unconnected. It's politics for real.


No you don't say. Won't say. Can't say. So clever. Ohdear

If only you had a brain. I like my hands. Better than your face. Laugh.

Oh really, no. so cute and simple. Child. We know best. Forget the rest.


----------------But what am I not saying?

Go figure.