Final Curtain Call


Go on—you know you want to.

Hell, I know you're going to.

Keep chiseling away at my heart,

Break it—come on, get it over with.

You were bound to from the start

Don't tell me we'll be 'forever'

Who even said you could say 'we'?

What? Were you trying to be clever?

Did you really think you could say

Those words, "I love you."?

And expect our relationship to see the light of day?

Did you think saying them would keep us together?

Or did you not realize that I equate lies

To mean nothing more than NEVER.

All this fake talk about how I'm the one

Is wearing thin around the edges—

And in the end, when it's all said and done

The lies will come rebound onto you

While I remain scratched but otherwise unscathed

And you'll repent for what you put me through.

So go ahead and do it—

Hack away at my still-beating heart.

In the end it'll be you who blew it,

'Cause you're the one who tore me apart.

But, don't worry. I'll live.

Though, because of people like you

Don't expect me to forgive.

I've learned how to stand tall,

And handle life myself,

But now's my curtain call

And it's time I made it quite plain:

Love is Hell and hurt and pain—

And one helluva twisted game

Plagued by dirty cheats

Who steal a living-heart's beats.

Who pick away at the half-stitched scars

With no regard for whom it hurts,

And without caring whom it mars.

So go on and do what you do best—

Subject my heart to another painful test.

But don't be surprised if,

As the curtain falls,

And as the lights go black—

If you keep picking away at my heart—

Don't be surprised

If you don't get me back.


L. Kantenseter