Inspired by 'addicted' by Kelly Clarkson...a fav singer!

- - -

Was meant to be about this girl who loves this guy so much that he's like an addiction, but after I read it again, it could apply to anything such as ciggarettes and drugs too. Whatcha think?

- - -

You're like a drug,

That makes me come back and beg for more,

You're so addictive,

You make me excited for what's in store.

I savour you now,

And feel like I'm swimming through a haze,

I want you so badly,

Feeling like I can't get rid of this craze.

It's all a game,

And I'm just another figure on the board,

You're playing me,

And mocking all the love we had stored.

It's just a dream,

And I'm inhaling your scent without meaning to,

It's all unreal,

And I'm just breathing and feeling and loving you.

I don't want you here,

But I just can't get rid of such an addiction,

I love you forever,

But I'm getting sick of the constant friction.

You're dangerous,

You're destroying me slowly with your continous replies,

A temporary satisfaction,

You're everything that my soul denies.

I hate you!

But I love you too, I'm just so confused,

Just for a while longer,

But I've gone past the stage to now refuse.

Inhale, exhale,

Constantly thinking about you, I'm going crazy!

Help me please

But I want you now cuz, I love you baby...

I'm Addicted...