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Don't ask me why I wrote this. It's not even for a friend or anything. Inspired by 'let it burn' by Usher. (cool song). lol. Review plz?

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So Helpless

Watching as you slip down the slope,

Drag down the rope,

In a fix, crying for me,

But I can't reach out,

Can't discuss what it's about,

So Unaware

You don't confide in me anymore,

After all, that's what I'm for,

But we're so distant,

So Awkward

and cold,

Secrets lie untold,

What's happening to us?

I just can't understand,

This one big plan,

Is lying in ruins around us,

Destiny has found us,

And we are

So Afraid

Too scared to take back control,

To climb out of this hole,

To be best friends,

Like how we used to be,

So Perfect

We used to be there for each other,

Joint at the hip together,

But what's happend?

I refuse to give you up,

To let our friendship break up,

Even if it takes me days,

To figure out different ways,

I will try,

No more lies,

Cuz I'm here for you now,

And I'll find a way through,


For our sakes.