This is a one shot and is a true story, but i've changed the names.

So enjoy...or not.

I Hate Him And You Will Too...

My name is Katie and welcome to my web journal.

I've never had a web journal before, but I can't keep diaries and I don't have anyone to talk to. So my feelings are going to be written here. For my first entry I will tell you (a bunch of total strangers) about somebody who I loved...that screwed me over.

When I met him online I didn't think much of him, he was just a friend that was there to cheer me up. But soon I began to love him. In his time of need I was there for him and vise versa. We became good friends. Eventually, he asked me out and I was the happiest girl in the world. But it wasn't meant to be, we were from different countries and we only spoke twice a week. We only lasted 3 months and 1 week.

We ended on good terms and still remained friends. But he got a boyfriend (I knew he was bi) and...another girlfriend. I was jealous of his new girlfriend, I'd never spoken to her, but I hated her. He was mine and only mine.

That didn't last long either. In fact it ended just a few days ago, Monday. I had returned from a long day at college and he told me he was going to end it with her, his reason; they hardly spoke. Just like us. They too ended on good terms and remained friends, but I didn't care about that, I had him all to myself again...well...except for the boyfriend.

The love that I had for him grew again and I was happier than ever, finally enjoying life! He told me he loved me and he would be over in the summer for a visit. We weren't a couple again, he didn't want to be and I respected that, as long as he was mine I didn't care. But it wouldn't last.

I returned home on Thursday from yet another long day at college. For some reason I felt I should check his journal. I checked it every other day. In his latest entry he wrote about how much he loved his new girlfriend, Sarah, and how she's the one for him. I felt my heart break. I felt used. I fought back the tears and held them back. But I cried later that evening and felt like slashing my legs.

I hate him now...and I have some slight hatred towards all men...all boys.

I know he'll read this, I left a comment on his journal telling him to never speak to me again. She'll probably see it too. So before I finish, I'd like to leave a note...just for Sarah...

Sarah, If you should happen to read this, I'd like to give you a piece of advice...
He'll break your heart like he did mine, then you'll become the toy between his relationships like I was. He'll tell you you're the only one for him and then say it to someone else. But what's going to hurt you the most, is that fact that you'll eventually hate him...yet still love him at the same time. And it'll hurt more than any other failed relationship you ever or will ever have.

Now Sarah, you can listen to can just think I've gone totally crazy. But the point I'm trying to make is, when he does break your heart and people say 'you've still got your whole life ahead of you' it's a bad thing. He'll haunt your every thought. You said if you hadn't have found him, you'd be dead by now...well honey, when he tosses you aside, you'll want to kill yourself all over again.

And don't give me your sympathy, you naive little bitch, because when he's done with won't get mine.

Like i said, one shot so i'm expecting reviews.