Didn't you see me standing there?Didn't you feel me watching you?

Didn't you hear me breathing next to you?

I'm crumbling before you.I have to ask.

I have to wonder.What was it all for?

You've filled me with so much anguish that it only causes anger.

Why did you turn the lights off?

Didn't you know that I wasn't sleeping?

Couldn't you tell that I was still awake and watching you?

I've been broken into so many little peices.

I feel so lifeless and you won't grant me mercy.

I've been watching you the whole time.

I was still in the room.

Why did you lock the door?

I'm trapped underground.Didn't you see me standing there?

Didn't you feel me when you held me close?

Didn't you hear me whispering in your ear?

Didn't you feel my heart beat?

You have disconnected me.

I feel like I've been torn inside and out.

I fall before you begging for mercy.

You won't give me any kind of remorse.

I shatter.I crumble.I'm stuck curled into a little ball.

I feel so lifeless.Why did you turn the lights out?

How could you not know that all this time while I've been breathing that I've been watching you all this time?

Now I'm dead.I'm carved into dirt.I feel so lifeless.