I was the one that sought them.. the vampires. This was many years ago, before I came unto my own and was the awkward teenager, bumbling about and trying to find a place where I would fit in. I found my place in all the books I read, fantastic books about unicorns and dragons and vampires. Ah vampires, my obsession, I always found comfort in the pages of all the vampire novels I could get my hands on. I found myself wishing to be one of them, a creature of the night, living on the blood of humans. I had no way to seek them though, and satisfied my hunger with more and more novels.

Then I finally graduated high school and went to college, and there I found my resources for my research and in the end, my creator.

I was a literature major in those first couple years of college and my last years as a human. I found anything fantasy intriguing, and studied it to the best of my abilities. Most of my studies were confined to the study of vampires novels, and my professors found this obsession of mine amusing and disturbing at the same time. I think they knew what I didn't, that there was an ancient vampire that lived within the very walls of the university and took unsuspecting victims from the multitudes of students.

I still looked like my high school teen self, though I wasn't like that at all. My 5'2" frame and short hair gave off an impression of me being much younger than I was. But then again I wore my hair short in back and long in front and I always wore such dark colors, and mostly jeans. I had a couple black square-necked dresses that I wore occasionally, and always all of this was accompanied by my red eyeshadow rimmed green hazel eyes. I was actually very plain but an individual and I was proud of being pretty and at the same time a non-conformist. But I guess I actually did look my age but oh well, I can't recall anymore. But according to my creator, it was my individuality and fiery spirit that eventually convinced him that I would survive.

What he meant by fiery spirit I'll never really know. Maybe it is my thirst for knowledge or my persistence to get what I want. Soon I might know, after I've related my tale and history.

Well to get on with it, I was a good student, I got along well with other students and my professors, but I didn't have any desire to be in their company. I mean I had a couple friends and had some really educated and heated debates with my professors, and then a couple romantic relationships of sorts, but those were short lived because, frankly, they couldn't keep my interest for long. Vampires were my passion and they never seemed to understand that.

But then in the middle of my sophomore year things started to get interesting. I met someone, named Ian. I was at the university library around 7 at night, and it being winter, it was already completely dark outside. I was reading the newest vampire novel they had to offer and I was really into it. I felt someone hovering over me in a sense and then I looked up annoyed to see what they wanted. "What do you want?" I snapped before my head was even up all the way to look at whoever it was.

Once I got a good look at him though, my attitude disappeared completely. I was completely shocked to find a guy that looked like he had stepped out of one of my dreams in front of me. His bright green eyes stared at me curiously, and they were outlined in black eyeliner and the slightest hint of red eyeshadow rimmed them as well. His hair was a deep auburn and shaggy. It hung down in front of his face, ending right above his eyes, and it was completely straight almost. His skin was beautifully pale and nearly flawless. Beneath his tight black t shirt and tight jeans, I could see the faintest outline of softly sculpted muscles. I suddenly thought 'What's a guy like this doing in a library and of all people coming up to me?' But I shook it off and tried to control my jaw so it didn't drop open. But I'm sure my eyes showed my pleasant surprise.

He answered back while I was looking at him, and I found his voice wonderfully deep, not too much and not too little. "You're reading the book I've been looking for." His voice had a strange accent to it and I couldn't put a place to where it was from, but I really didn't care, he had an accent and that's all I cared about. I really had to prevent myself from giggling in pleasure, and interest, which was an odd thing for me. I quickly composed myself and marked my page in the book.

"Well then, you'll just have to wait for me to finish it won't you?" I said, getting back my little bit of an attitude, just so he didn't think I was some kind of weakling that got all soft over a hot guy. He smirked in reply and my stomach was suddenly all knotted up. I had no idea why I was getting this worked up over looks, I mean I wasn't shallow really, so why?

"Yea. I guess I can wait." He said as he sat down in the chair next to me. I looked over at him incredulously.

"What are you doing?" I asked inquiringly as I turned in my chair, so my whole body was facing him.

"I'm waiting." He stated simply with that same little smirk that tied my stomach up in knots, again. I glared at him curiously. He was definitely an interesting character. I shrugged him off and went back to reading, getting lost in the pages and the story again. I tried to ignore the shivers I kept getting up and down my spine as I realized that the guy was staring at me. I finally rolled my eyes and turned to look at him again.

"So you mind telling me your name if you're going to sit here all day?" I asked with a smirk on my face to hide my pleasure at his attentions.

"Ian. And you are?" He asked politely as he held out his hand for mine.

I took his hand and shook it firmly, surprised to find he squeezed my hand gently back. Most guys seemed to be intimidated when I would squeeze their hand. I hid my confusion and surprise quickly. "I'm Mona. Pleased to meet you Ian." I said in a gentle tone with a hint of a laugh in the back of my throat. I had never thought that I would meet someone so interesting going to the library in my usual routine.

"So you're interested in vampires I'm guessing." I said as I leaned back in my chair and closed the book in my lap, marking my page with a small piece of paper that I had in my hand.

"Oh yes. Vampires are one of my favorite things to study." He said with a small smile, almost as if he were mocking me and had known about my obsession. It was slightly unnerving since his eyes seemed to being boring into me and reading my thoughts. I shuddered involuntarily, not aware what I was getting myself into.

"Well if you like vampires then you would most definitely be impressed with my library at home. I've gathered anything I could get my hands on for about 5, 6 years now. Would you like to see?" I asked before I realized what I was doing. I wasn't usually this amiable, but something about Ian intrigued me so much, I had to find out what it was.

"Well as much as I would like to, I'm pretty sure you don't want some strange guy you just met coming home with you, alone." He added in a deeper tone as I felt myself blush faintly. What in the world was wrong with me? I needed to get a hold of myself and just let myself invite him over, I mean it wasn't gonna hurt to let him see my library, would it?

"No really I don't mind. Actually I insist you come see my collection." I said confidently, successfully hiding the quaver that I felt. "But I'll check out this book first, hold on a sec."

He nodded quietly as a got up with a smile and made my way to the checkout desk. I quickly checked out the book and made my way back over to the table to see Ian still sitting there with a small smirk on his face and sitting the wrong way in his chair. I couldn't help but laugh softly.

"So are we ready to go now?" He asked in a soft voice as he stood up and walked over to me, towering over my shortness.

"Yea. Just let me get my bag." I said with a smile as I ducked around him and got my bag and slung it over my shoulder. "All ready!" I announced, nearly skipping over and next to Ian. "Now to my house and my wonderful collection." I said.

I had to keep doing something to keep my mind off my nervousness, so all the way to my house I was rambling on about nothing or twiddling my thumbs or playing with the straps of my bag or something along those lines. I probably seemed like some hyper little kid to Ian, but he was oddly good humored and kept laughing at my little antics like he had known me forever or something.

We reached my apartment and I opened the door, but Ian made no move to come inside. I looked at him curiously. "Come in silly, nothing bad's gonna happen."

He then smiled and walked over the threshold cautiously, like he expected at any moment to be attacked by something. My instincts should have then been triggered but of course, me being so excited, I didn't even think of the possibility of him being a vampire.

I led him by the hand to my study, where my computer and my entire library was. "Here it is. My collection." I said with a satisfied grin, happy to be able to show someone else my library and have them be somewhat excited about it. Everyone else was just plain creeped out by it.

Ian stared at it with wide eyes and a open mouth, like he had never seen such a beautiful thing. "I've never even read this one, or this one, and this one is so rare!" He exclaimed as he pulled books from the shelves and smiled at me. I suddenly though of him as a little boy in a candy shop and I laughed softly as I sat down at my computer.

"You want to borrow them?" I asked him, trusting him with my 'treasures.'

"You trust me that much?" He asked, almost as if he were reading my thoughts. I leaned back in my chair a little bit and nodded towards him. He smiled again and once again my stomach was tied up in knots.

I suddenly yawned and looked at the clock to see what time it was. It was somewhere around 9:30, but that didn't matter to me, I only realized that I needed to start my online classes pretty soon, and that Ian would have to leave. I frowned and Ian looked over at me with an odd look of concern on his face.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked a bit harshly, but once again I didn't care.

"Ah. I just realized you have to leave soon so I can get some work done, I have online classes to do." I muttered as I messed with a stray piece of hair.

"Oh well then I should go, mind leading me out?" He asked politely as he got up and tucked a few books under his arm.

"No I don't mind." I said with a smile as I got up and lead the way out of my apartment and down to the first floor.

"And this is where I leave you." I said reluctantly as we reached the doors.

Suddenly Ian moved closer to me and I instinctively backed up and against a wall. A look of surprise spread over my face as Ian's face inched closer to mine. My heart was racing and the instant I thought I couldn't stand it anymore, Ian kissed me. I blushed and got a shocked look on my face, but made no move to push him away. He broke the kiss an instant later, though it seemed like an eternity to me, and walked out of the door without another word.

I was left there in the foyer with my hands over my cheeks as I slid down the wall to the floor and sat there for another minute in a pleasant daze.