"Alright then." I said. "Go get ready and meet me at our usual place at 8. Now go!" And Gina obeyed, that was one thing she was good for, having a wonderful idea for a wonderful time, and besides, again, I couldn't resist dancing.

But this was going to be a new experience since I now had Ian and I was gonna show Gina what it felt like to be the third wheel.

As Gina left, I smiled almost maniacally. This was going to be so much fun. But before I could think about any of that, I had some other things to take care of, like having a nice conversation with Ian. There were so many things I wanted to know and talk about, especially if Ian was going to be around for awhile.

I heard the front door close and so I skipped out into the living room where Ian still was. He was seated comfortably on the couch, again. Before I walked over to him, I checked the clock for the time. A shocked look panted itself on my face when I saw that is was already 1 PM. 'Where has the morning gone?' I shrugged it off and then sat next to Ian with what I presumed was an innocent grin on my face.

Ian turned to face me with a grin on his face also, although his was more of a triumphant grin, like he knew something that I didn't. I was suddenly confused. That had been happening a lot recently and I wasn't used to it. Me confused used to be about as likely as me going through a day without being on the internet, which was extremely rare. Slowly but surely these past couple of day I was becoming accustomed to it though so I thought nothing of it and proceeded to initiate a wonderful, intriguing and completely make-out free discussion with Ian, the first real discussion since the library, which I thought was completely ironic.

And of course I cannot for the life of me, haha, I have no life, I'm a vampire. Sorry, went off on a tangent there. But yea... anyway, if I did remember I'm sure it would have probably bored any readers away, although wit might have helped a little, if there was any, but like I said before, I really don't remember what we talked about. I have a very selective memory when it comes to certain things, especially where Ian is concerned. I only remember the interesting things and not the normal, mundane, everyday stuff, like talking.

Okay well anyways, the conversation went on for about three hors or so, and after that Ian left to go get ready, promising that he would meet me at "The Place". Yes it was a club called "The Place" and oddly enough, it was pretty exclusive and difficult to get into, if you weren't a regular, but we were, we being Gina, Aurora and I.

I called up Aurora at around 5, after I had take another shower. She wholeheartedly agreed with the idea and also agreed to meet up at 8. I think she was just curious to see Ian, since me bringing a guy clubbing with me definitely meant something.

I must have spent the most time I ever spent on an outfit on this one. I think I went through my entire wardrobe, twice. And when I finally decided on my outfit, makeup and hair were the next obstacle. This one was slightly less of an obstacle, since I could only so a couple styles with my hair and I owned a minimal amount of makeup. And finally, around 7:15, I was ready, dressed to impress in a blood red halter top, a medium short black ruffle velvet skirt, black heels (not stilettos), and my hair was done like usual, only with a black headband. My makeup was pretty much my everyday makeup, only with lipstick, well lip-tint, in a dark red that matched my top. And in my opinion I never looked better, but maybe that was my confidence boost speaking.

I gathered up my stuff, extra makeup, license, wallet, those sorts of things and threw them in into my plain black messenger bag. I didn't own a purse, but instead, about 10 different messenger bags and a couple backpacks. I also grabbed my black half jacket and threw it on to ward off chills. I finally left the house, once again making sure to lock up, at around 7:30. The club was only 15 minutes away by care, but I always made sure to be early.

I hopped into my care, my baby, the Green Ghost. A 1987 Ford Thunderbird which earned it's nickname from it's color and 'reliability.' But that was before I fixed him up. And yes my car is a him, not a her like most cars. He was my baby and got only the best, and a kick ass stereo system. But yes, I drove off to 'The Place' and of course, was the first to arrive.

I paid the 5 bucks for Valet Parking and leaned against the wall while I waited for the others to arrive. I know of course that Gina would be late, she always was. I didn't know about Aurora or Ian. Aurora was sporadic and I could never be sure when she would show up, and Ian, I just didn't know.

Aurora showed up first, wearing all black like she was prone to do, but she was her usual happy self, around me anyways. Aurora was my best friend really, we told each other anything and everything.

"Ohayo! Mona-chan!" She yelled in her usual greeting as she got out of her car and skipped lightly toward me. "No one else here?" She asked, looking around as she did do, probably for Ian. She as probably curious to see him for herself, it really wasn't like me to be like this over a guy and my friends were concerned.

"Nope, just me and you here at the moment." I said with a smile. "You looking for Ian?" I asked nonchalantly.

"You looking for me? I heard my name." Ian said as he walked up behind me and placed his hands gently on my shoulders.

"Uhh..." It seemed Aurora was at a loss for words. She quickly regained her composure and I proceeded to introduce.

"Aurora, this is Ian. And Ian, this is Aurora, my best friend." I said happily, turning to face Ian for the first time tonight. I swear my jaw almost dropped to the floor. Ian was wearing nice worn in jeans and a black silk top, unbuttoned, with a dark red shirt underneath, almost matching me. His hair was slightly mussed and he had black eyeliner and dark red eyeshadow on. Guys in eyeliner and/or eyeshadow always made me weak kneed, especially if they looked like Ian.

I now knew why Aurora had been at a loss for words. Aurora and Ian shook hands all calmly, while I was having a bit of trouble breathing.

"Should we go in now? Gina will get here later and find us." I stated, trying to hide the excitement in my voice.

"Good idea. Let's go." Aurora said in agreement, heading into the club with a nod at the bouncers, who removed the robe for us. I flashed a smile at him as we walked past and he smiled back. Ian put his hand on my waist and drew me close protectively. I couldn't help but chuckle under my breath.

We were met by a loud blast of music strobe lights. It only took me a few moments to adjust. I listened intently to the music, and it was some good techno-ish dance music, not crappy rap stuff. That was why I loved this club, the music. They always played stuff specifically for dancing.

I waved off Aurora who wnet and hot a drink and then went and sat at out usual table. I quickly pulled Ian out onto the dance floor. I needed to warm up before Gina showed up. I was half expecting her to show up with some guy, but I was seriously hoping that she didn't. I mean it was interesting to meet all the guys she hooked up with, but it was otherwise annoying.

I think Ian was a bit surprised at my dancing because nothing about how I looked or acted showed my love or skill for dancing. Ian got into it too, swaying in time and holding me as close as was humanly possible. And so far I was only warming up, and I could tell Ian wasn't showing his full potential.

Soon enough, a slow song came on and I was glad for it. That was another thing about this place I liked, they played the occasional slow songs and there were good ones. I turned to face Ian and looked him straight in the eyes. He smiled gently at me and slid his arms around my waist. I smiled back at him and reached my arms up and back around his neck.

"So how're you liking it here so far?" I asked, able to talk normally since the volume was lower. I had to stand on my tiptoed to talk into his ear though. We began to sway with the music and my smile faded into a subtle grin.

"It is all good as long as you're here. And this club is really nice." He said in response, his accent coming out completely again. His smile widened and his teeth glinted oddly in the lights and it almost made it look as if he had fangs. That was what I was thinking then, before I knew what I know now, that Ian was in fact, a vampire. I think I was blinded by emotions or something of that sort. I wasn't used to emotions boiling up like they had been.

So I shrugged off the glint as a trick of lighting and my eyes, I kept dancing, not even an inch of space between Ian and I as I laid my head on his chest. But he quickly put his hand under my chin and brought his lips down upon mine passionately.

I was a bit caught by surprise by the fierce passion that was behind that kiss. It was the first time I had experienced that much passion and it had such a ferocity behind it that for a few moment I could do nothing but stare at Ian's face in surprise. But I soon succumbed to my physical desires as Ian's kiss grew in intensity. I slowly kissed him back and as I did so, my mind cut out everything around us, except the music. We continued dancing, and kissing, in our own little world until Gina decided to show up. She came over to us, stood there staring for few moments and then tapped me on the shoulder.

I turned on her in annoyance. "What?!" I snapped, angry at being disturbed like that.

"Ah... Oh... Just wanted to tell you I'm here." She said in a surprised way, mostly because I didn't get angry that quickly, usually.

"Well that's that then, you're here." I muttered before rolling my eyes and burying my face in Ian's chest to show Gina that the conversation was done.