AGAINST THE ODDS By:Andrew Troy Keller

It is indeed true that a mighty warrior would come from a land unlike our own to do battle against the dark forces that had plagued our land so many times before and that I would be the teller of this proud warrior's tale of his struggle against the odds of him seeing his own demise at the hands of the minions of the wizard whose name was pure evil in itself.

I am called Shakra and I had been traveling across the desert in search of those very dark minions who had butchered my family and burned down the villiage that I had once called my home,only to discover that two nomads were looking at me with devilish lust in their eyes and a large sword in their hands ready to strike down their latest prey.

But after one of them has decided to have his way with the newly discovered woman before them,instead of slaying her with their swords,one of the nomads had moved himself closer to me and was about to place his hands upon my flesh,only to have the sword of a mighty warrior appear and thrust itself clean through his heart.

It has also caused that one nomad to fall to the ground and reveal his true image to me...that he was actually a minotor that has been doing the bidding of the dark wizard until his death by the sword of the mighty warrior.

And after the second nomad has transformed himself back into his true minotor form and turned towards my savior with rage and fury within its eyes,the murderous creature has charged himself towards the warrior with the desire of destroying him with his own teeth and hands,only to have the warrior leap out of the path of the charging creature and thrust his sword directly into the eye of the wizard's dark minion.

And after the second of the dark wizard's minions has finally been destroyed by my savior's mighty blade,I had looked upon the face of the mighty warrior,allow a smile to appear on my lips and gently embrace him into my loving arms...just like any bride of a mighty warrior should.