I go to sing my song and the note cracks and dies.
Weighed down by your betrayal and the crash of your lies.
On stage, I control, I'm free and awake.
In the back of my mind, it's you I can't shake.
You kiss her so gently and I know how you feel.
With me it's so rough and I can't tell if it's real.
You want her, I know, and though it hurts me.
On the sidelines I'll wait, patiently.
I'll pick up the pieces if she leaves you behind.
By my own force, it's my tongue that I'll bind.
It's none of my business, all that goes on.
As you move far away, I'll repair the lost bond.
In the background I'll toil and offer you care.
And your familiar glances will grow quite rare.
And until I awake from what I hope is my sleep.
I'll wipe off the rust on the knife dug in deep.
If you find that you need me, you'll know who to ask.
Until then I'll continue in my laborious task.