I've got two Pixy Stixs here. One is for me and one is for you. Let's eat them together, and run away to never-never land. I know you don't know the way, but I do. I swear I'll take you there, just hold my hand. Yea, I've got these Pixy Stixs for me and you. We'll laugh together, and we'll finally smile again, I swear I'll take you there. And when you tell me 'Pick your poison,' I'm going to walk up to a sugar tree and pull two more down for you and me. And the laughter and smiling will go on forever, and we won't return to that nasty world we hate; not unless we want to.

We'll be each other's forever. We'll be together forever, and we'll live without regret in Charlie's Chocolate factory. Everyday I'll wake up and see you, and you'll say, 'I'll love you forever and a day,' and I'd smile and laugh because I knew it was true. It'd be forever, me and you. I'll be your Cinderella, if you'll be my Prince Charming on a never-ending sugar buzz. I'll be your beauty, if you'll eat that sugar and be my beast; and we'll live forever in never-never land. We'll sail on in Captain Hook's ship, like we never had any problems before. Peter and Tink will come, and we'll have some tea with the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat. I know the way to never-never land, don't you dare forget that.

We'll take the yellow brick road, and make it lead right to our door-step, of the castle that used to belong to the wicked witch. We'll laugh together, and we'll stay forever young, without a glitch. We'll eat so much sugar that it burns our tongues, and makes us dance in the middle of the streets. We'll be living the high-life overloaded on love and sugary sweets.

Just for kicks everyday, we'll go to our closet and we'll say; 'here's where it all began.' We'll open the door, and tied to a chair, that's bolted to the floor, will be our dentist shaking his head and screaming that we'd get cavities. Oh, but it doesn't matter we were the only ones anyway. By telling us no, they were telling us yes. So I'll down a few more of these sugary delights, steal Aladdin's magic carpet and take off into flight. We'll laugh like we were young again, and only cry when we had way too much sugar, and our tongues were burned. Forever me and you, in never-never land. We can be so happy, just take my hand.

But all good things must come to an end, as does my Pixy Stixs dreaming when you pat me on the head. 'Silly little kid,' (Oh, how I hate that name) 'don't you know that dreams are for children, and fairy-tales don't come true?' And I said to you, 'Oh, I think they do. After all I met you.'