What is there that's more fun than Jap

Food labs we do, sushi we wrap

We learn things, like Japanese map

Even if you are lazy, just take a nap

We sing songs, sometimes rap

No one will ever laugh at you, even with crap

Our lovely, nice young teacher, with no generation gap

Sometimes gives you a thinking cap

You don't need to be clever

To do a lot of studying is never

But in some tests however

To do well is your endeavour

It is a fun class whenever

That you would want to be in forever

You would never undergo surpass

All you need to do is pass

It's easier than drinking water from a glass

Don't worry if you are the last

Our marks always end up in mass

Never would you be harass

So why don't you come and join our class

Our class if full of fun

You won't live a life like a nun

We blabbers all we can to make some pun

Your smile would be as sweet as a sun

So get your pens and let it begun

Circle Japanese if you are undone

Or you'll end up taking lit and study John Donne

Please hesitate no longer

Or you'll die due to Japanese hunger

Hurry up and pack your uncertain

And enter the Japanese world with wonder