The Miraculous Chronicle

The nightmare began as Julia moved for the cause of her graduation. She had to find a cheap place to live, and find a job. You see, Julia wasn't going to colleges, nor was she going to universities. Shortly after she graduated, she had to find some abode. As she flips through news paper, she found this tremendously cheap single house for rent. The title was "5000$ for a year rent, with 2 rooms, a kitchen, and a living room, appliances included". Julia was sure that there can't be anything cheaper then that, so she called the owner. The owner with some hesitation, agreed to rent the house.

Julia moved to the house the very next day. The house seemed fine. It wasn't all that old, and all the appliances were merely as good as new ones. Julia checked out the house. As Julia approached the back, she saw a garden. A chill ran up through her spine as she viewed the garden. There was something peculiar about the garden, yet she cannot tell what the problem was. Julia ignored the chill and thought that she was being paranoid.

After putting things up and all the cleaning, Julia's energy was completely drained. She took a bath. It's her first time with a bathtub, she enjoyed it very much. It seems like the bathtub sucked all her tiredness out. It was so comfortable that she almost felt asleep. She slept until a sound woke her up. She quickly got out of the bathroom, realizing that the sound came from the backyard. She turned on some lights and see what was going on. There were some crows eating all the garbage that she put out. She did not mind it, since it was too late anyway. So she went back to sleep, until the sun shines upon her.

She cleaned up the mess that the crows had made, and checked out the garden. It was a very messy garden. As she walked through the garden, she was tripped and fell down directly on her face. Julia was mad. She went back and checked what had tripped her. There was something buried on the ground. She took the thing out. It was a notebook, most likely a diary in fact with all those overdone covers.

As curious as Julia, she took it back and gave it some good wipe, other then the dirt, the notebook was covered with some deep red liquid, and was in fact all dried up. It was very hard to clean it off, but since it was only a cover, who cares. She began to read it as all those removable dirt were gone.

1989, 08, 21

I bought this stupid diary today. It's so expensive; I think the store ripped me off. Anyway, I wanna keep all my memories with Julia in this notebook. Anyway, Julia, tom, and I are going for camping this Saturday. I am sooooo gonna tell Julia that I like her and all that in this trip. Even just thinking about it makes me all that anxious, I can hardly anticipate, yet I'm so nervous too. Maybe I should go back to sleep now, I like sleeping, it makes me feel safe.

Julia was amazed, another Julia? She didn't' mind it though, since Julia is quite some common name anyway. She continued to read.

1989, 08, 25

Finally, this is the first day of our camping trip. Things went fine the way that I planned out. Somehow I have bad feeling, you noe, like tom and Julia is a little too close I think. Oh well, they've always been friends, and tom has like a gurl with him now. I really do think that I am paranoid, dun u think so? Oh well, I think I should just go to sleep and get all those stupid stuff out of my mind.

1989, 08, 27

This is our third day, it's relative funny u noe? I was gonna ask Julia for a walk yester night, but she wasn't in her tent, nor was Tom. I swear to god, if Tom ever laid his god dammed hand on Julia, I'll kill him and smash his skull and cut him into a hundred little pieces and make it into hamburger and feed his gurl with it.

1989, 08, 29

I knew it! I saw them in the woods today, stripping each other's clothes off. I hope those worms would just crawl all over them and finish them off and make them suffer in vain. I know that's not gonna happen, therefore I guess I'll just finish them off myself. What do u think I should do with Julia thou? Should I just burn her to death?? Or should I make a stew out of her flesh. Anyway, I'll plot my plan first and then tell you tomolo ok?

Julia is a little scared right now, but then she thought maybe it's just some guy who has some wild imagination. Something's wrong with this diary though. It seems like the diary is actually talking to Julia then it is talking to the person writing it. Anyway, she continued to read the diary.

1989, 08, 31

I've done it! I smashed tom's skull, and made a soup out of his brain juice. It is quite tasty actually. As for Julia, I poisoned her and buried her alive. She's still yelling underground there actually. Can u hear her? Oh I guess not. Anyway, I'll make a hamburger out of tom's flesh ok? Gimme a sec.

1989, 09, 02

Gosh, it took me two dayz to wash all that blood stains and all the clean up work. Never knew it was so hard to kill two ppl. Anyway, Tom's mom actually liked that hamburger I gave her. She has not the slightest bits of ideas that it's her son. At least he can rest in peace in his mom's stomach now. As for Julia, I just left her there to die. Who cares about that bxxxx anyway?

Julia was frightened. She convinced herself that it was only a person with extreme imagination. She slept that night in fear. Something tells her that she shouldn't read the diary anymore. Julia woke up the next morning. The diary there sitting on the table seem to draw her there. It's almost like it's enticing her to go on through the diary.

1989, 09, 05

I killed myself today. I realized that I can't live without Julia. I guess I'll go down with her. I wonder wat the world is like down there?

1989, 09, 09

The police came to my room today and saw my corpse. They took me to somewhere and examined me. Beside me there was also another corpse. It was Julia. I noe it's her. It has to be her. The doctor or watever u call that person did all sorts of stuff on me. It's odd. Anyway, I'm so tired now. I think I'm gonna go now. Cya.

Julia was definite that it must have been just someone with good imagination. It's not possible for him to be dead and writing this diary at same time.

1989, 09, 11


1989, 10, 15


1989, 12, 25


The rest seemed to be the same. Julia left it on her desk and wasted her day away on the garden. She slept peacefully that night. The next day she woke up, the diary seem to be glowing in a dim green light. Julia was shocked and looked at it again. It wasn't. She had this uneasy feeling. She quickly flipped the diary. The last few pages were glued together by something. She carefully ripped those pages apart.

2005, 1, 15

I told you, this is the it already.

2005, 1, 16

Stop looking through my diary.

Julia realized why the last couple pages are all glued together now. They are all written in some thick dried red substance. Something that's similar to blood. Julia continues to read the next page.

2005, 1, 17

Julia, it's your turn to die now.