Be Aware of What's the Closest to You

It is to my experience that 99.9 of the population of girls likes adorable items. The prime examples are dolls, teddy bears, and so on. However, please watch out next time you receive any gifts like so, or you will be haunted for the rest of your life by nightmares.

This is a true story; it happened to a friend of a friend of mine, actually, to be exact, a friend of a friend of mine's daughter. It was in a bleak December and Jane, our eight year old girl happens to be the victim of this criminal activity. Jane is a perfect naïve girl who lived a sheltered life. Her dad happens to be a police and her mom is a chef in a bakery. It just happened so that her dad was killed when in duty dealing with drug dealers. He disappeared the very next day. This incident was the headline for the news next day. After countless searches, no hope was given.

One day, uncle Syme bought a gift for Jane. It was a tremendous teddy bear, almost big enough to fit anything the size of a child. Jane was delighted. Although uncle Syme isn't really her "real" uncle, but they are more close to each other than any other uncle-niece relation could be.

Jane slept with the teddy bear for the first night, realizing that the teddy bear's eyes are some what weird. It doesn't seem to blend in with the rest of the parts, but Jane doesn't' seem to care; all it needs is some time to adapt this unique characteristic of this teddy bear. The fume from teddy bear soon causes Jane to be soporific. That sweet, tender fume seems to melt her senses and put her into deep sleep.

The next thing Jane could remember was that she was in this huge bed surrounded by stuffed animals. It was her room. Her mom came in the next moment and wailed, telling Jane that her father is probably dead. Jane could scarcely believe such fact, and she cried until she fell asleep.

In her dream, she dreamed that her dad was talking to her. She couldn't hear his exact words, something like….." I'll be always be with you" or something. Jane woke up and found that she was lying on the teddy bear. It's some what different today though. The scent was slightly different. She couldn't mind it less, so she woke up finding that her arm has some red spots.

"It must have been made from some cheap dye and fibre." Jane said it to herself.

The teddy bear wasn't all that soft like all others in the market, but it wasn't all that hard either. Suddenly, the phone rang. It was the police again, telling them to go to the police station immediately.

The police had found her dad's corpse, well, not exactly a complete one. Other than missing a few fingers and a head and all, it was a wonder how they could even recognize him. The drug dealer was in fact, uncle Syme. Jane bursted into tears and asked why. Uncle Syme said calmly that her dad wanted to arrest him, which left him no choice.

Jane was furious. Syme gave out a sinister laugh, which silenced everyone else in the room. The police thought that since they could not get anything out of him, might as well keep him until the higher order commands. Jane went back to her house, and saw the teddy bear. She was so furious that she ripped it and cut it into pieces. All of a sudden, something dropped out when she cut open the head, something round. She picked it up and realized that it was…. A head…. In fact, her father's head, in the expression of tremendous shock and worms crawling through the nose and the mouth. Blood dripping, the mouth opens and closes as the worm passed through. It seems like it was mouthing "I'll always be with you, Jane."