If you are not a student, you might be surprised to find out how many teachers do no actually teach. Instead of giving lectures and helping students, those idol teachers eat popcorns, flirt with other teachers, and talk about unrelated subject. I propose that all lazy teachers be fired for three reasons. They are irresponsible, and they set bad examples, and they waste government money.

Teachers that avoid teaching lack responsibility because it is their duty to relay critical information to students. When this critical information is not passed on, students are not prepared to move on to the next level when they are supposed to. Rather than having the help of a teacher, students must resort to reading and understanding the text books on their own. My English teacher lectures on unrelated subjects such as his family and politics. As a result, he does not have time to give us English assignments so I have learned nothing in his class. There is no reason for the government to keep irresponsible teachers on the pay-roll.

Along with lacking responsibility, idle teachers set bad examples. Some teachers eat popcorns during class time after telling students not to bring food to class. Some teachers make discriminating comments. For example, one of my teachers thinks short people are mutants. They are either brainless or just stupid according to him. It is difficult for me to believe such ridiculous statement could come out of a teacher's mouth. Older students have the knowledge to determine what is right and what's wrong, but if such teachers were to teach younger students, their statements would mislead them.

Clearly, schools are in need of change. Good teachers are essential for the development of students' minds. When schools lack competent instructions, students suffer. To remedy the problem of an excess of bad teachers, teachers should be as if they have had many complaints against them.