The Little Death of Love

I wasted my thoughts on his face as Arc slammed his body down on top of mine entering me in a blind haste "shhhh.." he whispered as his hands grabbed at my thighs making my body limber to his advances.

His hips dived up and down creating waves of satisfaction, but only satisfaction… Antonian's eyes were all I could see kept locked deep inside my mind. I wanted it to be him that came down hard forcing my tight entrance to adjust to his dark cravings. Warmth spread below my belly button and dived down into where his body met mine, but yet again it was Antonian whom I pictured riding my body and spearing me with a heat that I could feel from my neck down.

Arc looked down and whispered "feel that kitty cat?" a groan sounded through the room as the fond nickname made me shiver below him and my inner walls tightened around his hard dick. I was dripping between my thighs and he just kept pushing down deeper then anyone should go and pulling back out till the tip was almost free only to bury himself back down into my wet warmth.

"ahhh yes please…" my moans echoed and it seemed to make him move faster above me groaning as my fingers dug into his flesh creating little lines of crimson where my nails raked over the skin. A muffled plea was all I could give my back arched and the sweat of our bodies mingled as his tongue dove into my mouth in a hot and tangled kiss. I bit down on his lip hard enough to bleed and the coppery taste filled my mouth as I sucked on the wound until he pulled himself up slightly.

"no more of that Kitty Cat…no more…" I faked a pout but the sensation that rippled in my spine made me change my expression to a lusty one. "Arc…" I moaned my breath hitched in a slight pant.

"I want you to come for me my pet…" he grinned above me pulling on my hair pulling it to the left side to advance his tactics on my sensitive neck. "Are you afraid…" it seemed an odd thing for him to ask at the moment but I answered "of what?" I could feel him smirk against my neck a drag of warm breath on my flesh "of me taking a bite out of this tasty meat…" he grazed his teeth on my neck making me tremble from his words and shiver from his actions.

"I guess…" I mumbled. "No… bad kitty cat I wanted to hear you say yes…" he bit down hard sending a painful feeling down the left side of my body. "It… hurts..." I managed to whisper.

His tongue danced along where his teeth barred themselves a mark sucking on the skin a bit until my breath went from a hiss to a moan. I was bucking my hips against his begging for more. He thrust inside me and I pushed my hips up to meet those daring thrusts.

"is he on your mind now kitty cat?" he whispered, a small gasp pulling itself from my throat "who?" I pretended to play dumb needing to hear that name fall from his lips as he fucked me "Antonian" he said with a growl increasing his speed.

"Not really…" was the only way to reply without lying to him. He smirked seeming satisfied with the answer. I looked up at him and smiled I did love him so much but Antonian was my first love and the first to make me feel like I could be dirty and still be innocent. A long drawn out groan made me snap back to what was going on above me. Arc looked like he was rolling in pleasure his eyes half hazed up the sex clinging to his face like he lived in it. It made my body feel light and it tingled a bit, "hmm…" I sighed rhythematically.

"Kitty…cat…." His breath drew in as he pulled out of me and his body shook with need. "Why did you…" he smacked his dick on my clit stroking it a little to keep it from hurting. His flesh was teasing me as he moved it up and down over my clit watching me the whole time in a deep ocean stare.

"Hmmm" he moaned and slide back inside only allowing himself and inch or two of warmth inside me. "Please stop teasing me and finish it…" I groaned. Arc nodded not trusting whatever he had on his mind to come out of his mouth, instead he slammed it back inside until his base hit my clit.

My body lifted off the bed from the force of it and with one nod of approval from me he began to dance with me again. Up and down his hips danced with mine fighting for a resolve, fighting for an orgasm, fighting to cum.

"oh yes arc….." I screamed as it finally hit me making my body tremble the cold sweat dripping like the cum between my legs. I saw nothing as I struggled to breath, the little death still in my throat as little moans made there way out, my inner walls tight urging Arc to fill my belly with his juice to make me feel warmth from his cum.

"Middi!!!" he yelled his hips convulsing above me his hot seed filling me, his cum mixing with my own juices. He moaned and pumped in and out until every last drop was safely inside me.

He looked down into my violet orbs and huffed "damn you…" he whipped the sweat from his brow and pulled me close moving his body behind me and holding me in his arms.

"You know I love you… Middi" a soft smile graced my lips "yes… and I love you too Arc" I whispered as I drifted into a good nights sleep with him at my back our bodies intertwined after a sweet night of passions kiss.

Monday December 26, 2005 (3 am-ish)

My First "Adult" Story