Thank You

This moment, I felt swarms of familiarity

Like as if yesterday and today are scenes from movies

And I just realized, how my speech has the same clarity

Over many acquainted and the joys

I almost lied to both myself and you

The amount I gave and received is positive

Luck is what we all need to meet our true

That I can't create my own causative

I tried to change myself for you

But I can't change the essence of me

Although I have always knew

Eternity, never abide with us, flees

It seems just like yesterday

But yesterday is too far away

However, whenever I close my eyes

I can still see that day in my sight

It was an affliction that it's not you

That walks me through my life

I thank you, for the chance you give me to pursue

Although you held my hand with strife

There was a time; our hearts go side by side

Maybe you have left nostalgia

And enter the realm that someone provide

And myself, struggle in depressive ideas

Lastly, I thank you again

For teaching me a lesson

That is not to lose my sane

Wit, needs to be fastened