Cliff Lin


Hamlet Satire

In the play Hamlet, Hamlet speaks this line to Ophelia, "Or if thou wilt needs marry, marry a fool, for wise men know well enough what monsters you make of them." (Act 3 scene1 line 139-140). However, Hamlet is not insulting Ophelia, in fact, the contrary, to enlighten her. Wit is not the critical theme of marriage. What marriage is about is in one word: happiness. One might wonder what the essence of happiness is, which clearly, is money. Money is not everything, but you are nothing without money. Without money, how can you possibly be happy? It is impossible. Fortunately, for those born on the wrong side of the tracks, there is an easy way to become wealthy: marry a rich person. By marrying a financially successful being, you have the potential to raise your family status up the social ladder, bring joy to your surrounding, and satisfy your material whims.

If you were born in a family that never has enough money, you do not have to be in that situation forever. I once met a woman who brought her family out of debt, moved her parents to Hawaii, and bought wardrobes for all of her five sisters by marrying herself to a business tycoon. Clearly, she has done a virtuous deed by talking him into the marriage. You, too, can be a saviour to your family if you seek out a rich mate.

Of course, as a rich person, you will make more than just your family happy. You will put a smile on the faces of people you know. If your friends made a silly mistake and ended up in jail, you can provide the bail. After they are released, you can treat them with some expensive wine or help their poor souls buy some drugs that they are addicted to. You will be the Santa Claus of your social circle.

As we have seen, marrying for money is an act of selflessness. Nevertheless, some personal gratification may come out of the arrangement. Whatever your needs might be, money can surely provide you with them. If you feel incomplete without jewellery, a wealthy marriage partner can help complete you. I once knew a woman who made weekly shopping trips to Tiffany's and purchased all the jewellery she like under her husband's account. She would be miserable if she were to marry a poor man.

Clearly, money and marriage go hand in hand. Whereas a rich person may not need to marry at all, a wise person marries for money. If we relate back to Ophelia and Hamlet's conversation, we can tell that Polonius isn't bright. He gives up all the wealth that Ophelia is capable of getting, which made Polonius a fool. As for Ophelia, she might have planned to marry a rich fool so that she can manipulate around with her husband and the money. Therefore, I see no reason why she should not marry a fool. In conclusion, Hamlet must have been complimenting or trying to enlighten Ophelia since Hamlet is too smart. Due to his smartness, he figures that it would only bring Ophelia pain; therefore, as a lover, he feels that he has the responsibility to give Ophelia a happy life, which is, to marry a rich fool.