Your World's My Citadel

If you are suddenly enlightened, it must have been me

If you are awakened by phone call, then it has to be my spree

I think about your words, if they mean anything else

I try my best to believe, but there's a part in me

That wonders deep in your dream, if I'm really the only

Troubles of love always have me in

Say something more truly

Please don't be unkindly

Act more sincerely

So I can see, with no difficulty

Say less of bye

Be there when I cry

Give me a satisfying reply

On your shoulder, I lie

I love being charming, but to you only

Your world's my citadel

Your words are the key to the entrance

I won't let anybody in

The equation of love is unique

Sometimes it could get a little bleak

Other times it gets too sleek

One thing that bubbles my mind

Is that if I am confined

Sometimes when I am really mad

You would give me some gentle pad

Not being with you makes me a little sad

Like sour milk, that has gone bad

Lastly, I know by heart

That we can't be apart

Or nostalgia would shoot me with a dart

And our souls will unwillingly depart