On the fourth night after they left, Sela and Morien were substantially gloomier than they had been when they had set out. They were tired, hungry and cold, but the night promised nothing more than a rough sleep, they were nearly out of food, they had no way of making a fire and they had no bedding. Still, Sela curled up against Morien, and they slept the sleep of the exhausted.

When Sela woke, she saw a foot in front of her face. It was tapping impatiently. She traced it up, finally seeing a juvenile face. It was a boy and he couldn't have been more than eight or nine years old. Morien had woken in the meantime and was glaring at the boy, who began to speak.

"I don't mean to bother you, but it is a good idea to set watch."

Sela merely stared, and Morien answered, "we were tired, and—"

"Seriously, I don't care. Just a warning," the boy interrupted. "I'll be on my way now. Ja!" The boy spun on his heel and began to leave.

"Wait!" someone yelled, Sela realized that it was her. "Cam you help us?" The boy didn't stop. "Is there a town anywhere that you could direct us too? We escaped from our village." Then the boy paused.

"You're from one of the villages here? Dummies. Didn't they tell you not to leave?"

"They did, but we had to, you see…" Sela started, again the boy cut her off.

"I don't care about your story. Stand up. Both of you." Sela could feel Morien tense beside her, but the stood and together they approached the boy.

"Look, there's lots of bad stuff in this forest. I can get you out. I'm you only hope of getting out alive. And you can't return to your village. Even should you want to." The finality in his voice stunned Sela, but Morien was able to speak.

"How do you know? About any of this?" His voice was hoarse.

Then the boy turned. "Trust me. I'm sure. The moment you left you ensured that you'd never return. At any rate, my name is Eiji. I'll take you to the City, and get you started up there if you'd like. Unless you'd rather starve to death, or be eaten, poisoned, or succumb to any sundry dangers that might easily happen."

Morien tensed again, but Sela spoke before he could say anything rash. "Thank you very much… Eiji."

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