WARNING: IF WE OFFEND YOU WITH THIS STORY, WE HONEST DON'T MEAN TO. IT'S ALL IN THE NAME OF FUN.This story is rated M for torture, gratutious use of the word 'fuck', pistol whipping, castration, needles (um...we'll get to that.), drug referances, cyandide, wood burning pens (...once again, we'll get to that later), nudity, homosexually themed..."rape", racial slurs, predjudice against Germans with funny names (which is okay, because one of the writers is a German with a funny name, though not nearly as bad), disrespect for funeral rights, religious slurs....you know what? It's a Mafia story. Bad things happen. Funny things, but bad things. Everything America finds funny, you will probably find here. None of the comments in here are taken as true, except for the thing about fat Italians because you think of the Mafia, and you think of a big, burly Italian man.

The good news is no animals were harmed in the making of this story. But, we did spend about seven hours irritating a very fat cat named Kiki, who we love anyway, so its okay.

Have fun! If you managed to get through that warning list, we commend you.

Crossing Wires Collection
Story #1 Chapter #1:
The Deal
By: Alysha-Lyn (Venustas) and Kaylee ("the girlie" and kyria-asimi)

"Mommy, the teacher told me today that she is 'concerned' about me. What does that mean?" Tore asks, looking up at his mother, Eve. The Italian woman looks down at her six-year-old son, watching him play with one of the buttons on his long black coat as he speaks.

"She's concerned? Why did she say that, Salvatore? Did you get in trouble today?" She asks, but Tore isn't paying attention to her anymore. The glint of a white limo down the street catches his eye and he is staring at it with a smile. The last time he saw a limo was before his uncle had died, on his cousin Fiore's birthday. Tore lets go of his mother's hand and, to her exasperation, runs across the street to take a closer look.

Inside the limo, Sevastyan Sokoll lays with his feet upon the window, bored. An impatient man, the leader of the Russian underworld does not like to wait very long for anything. He whistles to himself and pulls his striped 20s-modeled gangster hat, which he bought as a joke, over his eyes. Kazimir, the mentally disabled driver, turns and rolls down the dividing glass.

"Sevastyan? We have some . . . visitors." At the moment, Sevastyan lifts his head, only to see a face through the black tinted glass at his feet.

"Oh . . . just roll down the window, Kazimir. It's only a little kid." Sevastyan sits up, moving toward the window, but putting his hand on his gun just in case. He was here on business after all. The little kid has a big grin on his face.

"Hi!" Tore exclaims. "Are you related to me too?" Sevastyan, slightly tilting his head to the side, looks at the little boy.

"I'm pretty sure I'm not." As if his thick Russian accent didn't give that away.

Tore doesn't seem deterred in the slightest. As a matter of fact, the little Italian boy's face lights up, as if he noticed something. "You talk neat, mister! And you have a really nifty hat!"

At this moment, Eve finally catches up with her overly curious son. She takes Tore's hand, looking in the window at Sevastyan. "I'm so sorry about him. He just doesn't understand."

Sevastyan offers her a smile, grinning more to himself than to her. No one else but her son seems to understand why he bought the hat anyhow. He takes off the hat, and tosses it down the seat toward Tore. "Here. Take it. It would look nice with your jacket." He then looks up at Eve, once again widening his smile just a bit. "Being overly curious isn't a problem, but keeping an eye on the overly curious is something you might try doing harder. I have two boys myself. I understand."

Tore takes the hat and simply grins, looking positively ecstatic as he puts it on his head. "Thanks, mister! You're really, really nice!"

Eve, however, simply blinks and stares at Sevastyan a little, wonder whether she should be insulted by his previous comment or not. "Yes. Thank you." She then takes Tore's hand again, and pulls him away from the limo.

Tore seems very unhappy about being removed. He turns around, still looking back at the limo. "But, Mom! He's a nice guy and he has cool stuff!"


Mikania shifts, her belly shirt lifting to reveal more of a long sets of piercings down her exposed side that were laced up with ribbons, like the front of a corset. She grins and loops her thumbs into the belt loops of her tight jeans as she inspects a bizarre sign in front of her target's "family's" restaurant.

"No Adlerflugels allowed."

She stares at the sign a little bit, laughing to herself. "What the fuck does 'Adlerflugel' mean? Don't these Italians know we speak English?" Giving a sigh, and reminding herself she was here with a reason, she heads toward the door and walks in calmly, swishing her foot slightly to insure the feeling of cold steel against her skin. Bingo.

Antonio, otherwise known as the target, stands near the bar talking to Fiore, who is seated and seems to have just arrived since she is still wearing her long black leather coat. Antonio hears the door open and looks up to see Mikania. A mortified expression comes across his face as he sees her, and it manages to worsen as he turns his head to look back at Fiore.

Fiore looks somewhat irritated at his horrible expression. "What is it, Tony?" Tony, however, has become a babbling idiot. "I'm sorry, Tony, I don't speak that language. I speak a few of them, but Idiot is not one of them."

"Speaking of idiots," cuts in Mikania, with no accent in her voice. "What the fuck is an 'Adlerflugel'?" She offers a smile up at Tony, completely oblivious of the horror in his face.

A middle-aged man with dark brown hair leans over the bar, inviting himself into their conversation. "It means that my brother-in-law is not welcome in my restaurant, because I hate him, and I can't say his name." With that, he withdraws and returns to what he was doing.

Fiore simply smiles and laughs. "Thank you, Uncle Dante."

Mikania takes a deep breath and coughs, to gain attention once more. She laces her fingers around Tony's wrist, immediately grabbing his hand and playing with it as if she has the complete right to do so. "I'm here about that call earlier."

Fiore simply looks up at Tony, with a not so happy smile on her face. "Antonio, who is this?"

Antonio looks very uncomfortable with Fiore smiling at him. After stumbling over his words, he finally manages to respond to her. "This is the crazy chick from Belarus." Mikania, instantly at this, digs her well-manicured fingers directly into his palm while looking up at him sweetly as if she has not noticed this. The glare in her purple-brown eyes says otherwise.

"Now, Antonio dear, you should introduce someone properly to strangers. I'm Mikania. I used to date him. He and I were supposed to go out to lunch and catch up." Her glare hardens, as if to urge him on to agree, before smiling at Fiore sweetly. "Why? Are you with him now? Because I promise, I won't steal him."

Tony looks more horrified, if that's even possible, as Fiore gives him a cold glare before returning her gaze to Mikania. "I think he's right; you are fucking crazy. But then again, you did say 'used' to date him. I suppose that means you do have good taste." Fiore looks back at Tony, with another mean smile. "Was she before or after you became a cokehead?"

Mikania opens her mouth to say something, but just then a jingle comes from the door. She closes her mouth, hoping to God it is Sevastyan at this point, or someone else to help her. She is fairly sure that Tony wasn't going to be leaving. Though, she did suspect he was going to faint soon. Much to her dismay, and Fiore's delight, it is Tore and Eve that walk through the door.

Tore gasps as he sees Mikania, his hand on his newly acquired hat. "That lady has blue hair!" Fiore cannot help but break an honest smile at her little cousin's comment and Mikania looks around, instantly glaring when she sees the hat.

Mikania swears in a Russian accent, using one simple word. "Fuck." She honestly doesn't think it will be noticed by anyone near her. She, however, is wrong. Apparently, Mikania's luck is not doing so good today.

Fiore's eyes are instantly drawn away from little Tore. Was that a Russian accent she just heard? Tore himself notices as well and simply smiles. "You talk like the funny man who gave me the hat!"

Mikania's eyes seem to shrink slightly as her shoulders raise, an obvious sign of discomfort. She mumbles something to herself that she once more thinks is beneath her breath. The only obvious word that comes out of it is 'Sevastyan', which is understood only by Dante. Fiore, however, only recognizes the Russian. She stands up, taking her beloved gun with her flower and vine design from her hip. Gripping the barrel, she aims the handle at Mikania's temple and attempts to hit the blue haired girl. Dante rushes over, grabbing his niece's hand and shoulder, pushing her back to her seat.

"No, no! Sit down, Fiore!" Fiore sits, but glares up at Dante, and back to Mikania nonetheless. Still holding Fiore in the chair, he looks up at Mikania. "Did you just say the name I think you said?"

Mikania, looking calm once again, smiles at Dante only half thankfully, despite the fact that she is glaring at Fiore. She whips her head around and digs her nails once more into Tony's palm. "I fucking hate you."

At that moment, the bell chimed again. It is only this time that Sevastyan is standing in the doorway. He always had a way of actually managing to come in when he was needed. His eyes immediately flicker to Dante in recognition and he smiles. "Hello!" The Russian Don was very happy to finally have something to do.

Hearing another Russian accent, Fiore tries to get up again, and Dante has to force her to stay seated. Realizing now that his niece was on edge and she was not going to stop, he decides to improvise. He did not feel like pistol whipping his niece, so he decided to make something up. "Associate of your father's, Fiore. Sit." He slowly removes his hands from her shoulders, and the young Italian Don remains seated, though she is suspicious of exactly how this 'associate' is involved.

Mikania, meanwhile, has released her grip on Tony. Sure, Sevastyan had good timing, but never when it actually helped her. "Oh, hehe. Daddy. Hi." After hearing such, Dante is now even more glad that he stopped Fiore from pistol whipping this girl.

Sevastyan passes Mikania a glance, and then turns his attention to Fiore. He walks over to her, smiling. "Fiore Abandonato?" Fiore simply stares suspiciously, but Dante nods. Sevastyan, it being in his nature, kisses Fiore's cheek. "I'd like to introduce myself, just not around all these people." His eyes flicker to Dante, showing that Dante had better let him into the back.

Fiore suppresses the urge to rub her cheek, and glances back at her uncle, gauging his reaction. Though Dante nods, Eve has become aware that their little confrontation has drawn attention from the customers. She steps to the middle of the restaurant.

"I apologize for," she pauses, searching for the correct word. "Any disturbance. If you wish to leave now, we will refund all of your money at a later date."

Dante stops, in the middle of taking out his keys for the back room, and looks at his wife. "No, we fucking won't."

After his father swears, Tore places his hands over his ears and begins to hum. He wasn't allowed to hear what went on with Daddy's business, and he has heard it enough to know. Eve stares at her husband. "Yes, Dante. We will. There's no such thing as too much privacy."

Dante looks around his restaurant and nods a little. "Yeah, I guess we will." He returns to looking at his keys, before muttering to himself. "No, I fucking won't."

Sevastyan lifts his hand, setting it calmly on Dante's shoulder. "How about I pay? After all, I set up all this chaos." His eyes flicker to Mikania, who instantly feels the need to make up for her irritation at this, and stamps the heel of her boot down into Tony's foot. Sevastyan notices this, and smiles at Tony. Sevastyan does not care.

The customers in the restaurant who do not know what is going on take the offer of being paid back as permission to leave, and proceed to walk out the door. This leaves only those who know the family. Tore watches the people leave, and tugs on his mother's hand. "Mommy? Why are the people leaving?"

After the uninformed customers walk out the door, Eve turns to her son. "Because this has to do with family business, Salvatore."

Tore looks up at his mother, tilting his head slightly. "Like the business in the basement?" Eve puts a finger over her son's mouth.

"Yes, Tore."

Dante opens the door to the back room, waiting for his guests to enter first. Sevastyan is the first to go through, but Mikania is still clinging to Tony and has begun to make him bleed because of her fingernails. Fiore walks between them, and forcibly detaches Tony's hand from Mikania's grip. Fiore looks up at him. "Guard the door, Antonio."

Tore, who has attempted to follow everyone, simply gasps again when he looks at Mikania's hand. "You're bloody!"

Mikania gives a scowl and curls her hand into a fist, as if she was going to hit the little boy. Sevastyan turns and glances at her, a scolding tone in his voice. "If you touch the boy, I'm sending you to the store to buy him lots of expensive things. Anything he wants, with your money." Mikania's hand goes slack, and she just quietly walks into the room. Eve simply takes the opportunity of her son's distraction at the idea of lots of presents to pull both Tore and Tony away from everyone else.

Fiore's expression lightens at Sevastyan's "threat." He seems to be a decent person, and she thinks she can forgive him for that kiss on the cheek. She walks into the room and Dante follows, shutting the door behind him and wondering what the hell is going on.

"So," Sevastyan begins as soon as they walk into the room, taking a seat like he's done so many times before. "Did you get the fruit basket? It was terrible to hear about his passing."

"Yeah, I got it, but Eve made me worry that someone was trying to poison me. Of course, she only decided to say something after I had eaten an apple." Dante pauses, realizing something. "How did you know that Lucio died?"

Sevastyan tilts his head to one side and smiles. "What? I'm not allowed to keep track of old friends?" This time, Mikania takes a seat next to him, moving her chair slightly to show that she is very unhappy with him right now. She doesn't say anything, however, she's not that stupid.

Fiore sits down in a chair across from Sevastyan, wondering what all this "old friend" stuff is actually about, and getting slightly frustrated that no one has informed her who this man is yet. Sevastyan catches sight of her irritation and smiles, remembering he is supposed to be introducing himself just now. "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot. My name is Sevastyan Sokoll." He holds out his hand to her across the table. Dante takes a seat next to his niece, wondering both what Fiore is going to do, and why Sevastyan is here. Fiore stares at Sevastyan's hand for a moment, recognizing the last name. Putting that name with the fact that Dante knows this man, and made her sit down, it means to her that this is a very important person. She should probably shake his hand.

Fiore reaches across the table and takes Sevastyan's hand. "Nice to meet you. I don't mean to be rude, but what are you doing here?"

"I like a woman who gets to the point. It shows good leadership skills." He pauses to tilt his head toward Mikania. "Unlike my daughter Mikania here, who completely lacks any form of tact. Still, I'd probably do what your father did and make her Don before my oldest son. Not that he had an oldest son," He swishes his hand. "I digress."

Though Fiore had heard everything Sevastyan had said, she was still stuck on his second sentence. Good leadership skills? Her? A smile spreads over her face; only Dante and her father had ever said anything like that to her before. Dante himself looks at Sevastyan. "Yeah, that's nice of you, but it really doesn't explain anything."

The Russian just smiles and claps his hands together jovially. "Oh, but it does. It just doesn't explain everything." Sevastyan gets distracted and simply tilts his head at Dante. "Have you gained weight since I saw you last? You should try drinking more water. Didn't I warn you Italians tend to get fat? I know I warned you; it was on the note in the fruit basket I sent. You must've either read it or ate it. Speaking of fat Italians, my oldest son got married recently. No one sent me a fruit basket."

Dante was about to go off on a rant about how read the note, he wasn't fat, and who was Sevastyan to talk because the Russian looks anorexic. However, Fiore speaks before her uncle can start in on his tangent. "I wasn't aware your son got married. As a matter of fact, I wasn't exactly positive who you were."

Sevastyan gives a sigh and puts his hand over his face, pulling down on the wrinkled skin of his forehead. "Ah, yes and I need consoling for it, too. Not only is she fat, but I'm sorry to say she's from the Serpico family. She's not cocky or anything, but there are so many hit men after my family right now and none of them have actually done their jobs. I assume they think they're going to piss me off if they kill my son. I don't really care and the Serpicos don't care if my son dies, so someone please fucking off the boy!"

Mikania gives a cough at this, to silence Sevastyan to make him realize he's gone off on a rant. She looks apologetically up at Fiore and Dante. "I'm sorry. I don't think he took his medicine today."

Dante simply stares. "What is he, senile?" Fiore, however, says nothing.

Sevastyan manages a slight scowl as Mikania explains. "He has ADHD, which explains his random and psychotic rants, because we aren't supposed to talk about our problems to other families. Isn't that what you told me?"

Sevastyan turns and looks at her out of the corner of his eye, showing he is somewhat irritated at her, but a bright smile comes over his face. "In this case, no. I'm here to get someone to kill him."

Mikania pauses and shakes her head. "Maybe Dante's right. Maybe you have gone senile."

Sevastyan just looks at her. "Now, now Mikania. We aren't supposed to talk about our fathers like that. Even if they very well may have. I'm sure everyone in the family wants him dead anyway, and even if they don't, with him dead it means I'm leaving everything to Nikolai and he doesn't give a fuck about his brother anyway."

Fiore, still smiling, rests her elbows on the table as she laces her fingers together. She leans forward, her smile mostly hidden by her hands now. "I think I could arrange something." Dante glances at his niece; he didn't think she'd agree to something like this so quickly. "I think I see a parallel here. If I agree, you need to do something for me."

Sevastyan's smile manages to brighten. "But of course I intended to do something for you. Unlike this man here," his hand gestures to Dante. "When I get a fruit basket, I send one back."

Dante opens his mouth to protest, but then shuts it again as he realizes the 'parallel' Fiore saw earlier. He leans toward the table, extending his hand over the table, his fingers held as if he was about to clench them into a fist. His expression is dead serious. "Adlerflugel."

Fiore's smile widens and she gives a slight nod. "Cousin Henry Adlerflugel."

And so a deal is made.