Story #1 Chapter #5
The Deal V

"Oh, for fuck's sake! MOVE!" Fiore exclaims as she attempts to push her way through the crowd. She slams the back of her gun into the temple of a male raver, stepping over his body when he crumples to the floor.

The blue lights of the rave flicker in the outer rooms, but in the back Sevastyan is sitting as he prods his still wounded son in the ribs. The rave was owned by the Russian, as a cover for the meth ring that ran through the lower levers, as well as a Russian Roulette ring which needed no guarding simply because of the fact that the music was so obnoxiously loud that no gunshot could be heard over it. Nikolai gives a groan, just as a message blares over intercom in the back room. "Mr. Sokoll, the Italians have just entered."

Sevastyan's smile widens as Nikolai looks sick. "Send Arseni and Mikania to get them."

Mikania, upon receiving the order, turns to look at Arseni, a tall, muscular man with very evident military training. Two Doberman pinschers, currently docile, rest at his heels. A fairly large sniper rifle of Russian make is strapped to his back and his black eyes glare slightly at Mikania. Mikania gives a slight grimace and then smiles at him. "How about I go get them, hon, and you just stand there and do whatever the hell you do."

Arseni gives a dismissive grunt and Mikania instantly blends into the plethora of people, moving in the direction she was told Fiore and Dante were. They were easy enough to find as both of them stuck out in this crowd. Mikania's eyes fall upon them quickly, managing to spot them even from behind. Her arms lace around Fiore's waist, pressing Fiore's back against her. Her head instantly falls upon the young Don's shoulder. "Well, well. Fancy meeting you here. Come here often?"

Fiore tenses, only the recognition of Mikania's voice keeping her from bashing the other girl's head in. Turning around and pulling away from her a little, Fiore stares for a moment before speaking. "No-no. Just tell me where I'm supposed to be."

Mikania gets a knowing grin and slides her hands down Fiore's back, then around her waist, her fingers making a sort of arrow against her stomach. "You know, Miss Abandonato. I would suggest wearing more feminine suits. You have very lovely curves under there. You should show them off more."

Fiore tenses even more. "What I wear is none of your business. I just want to know where I'm going."

Mikania smiles. "Funny, I thought my hands just told you that." Mikania grips the other girl a little tighter, before walking away. She sways her hips to the beat, starting to dance.

Fiore sighs a bit in frustration and pushes her way through the raving crowd to follow the dancing girl, who leads the way to a door which Arseni is guarding. Fiore takes the presence of the rather large Russian man with gun and two Dobermans as a sign that this was where she needs to be.

Arseni crosses his arms, arching an eyebrow at Fiore and Dante. "Names." The word is hardly even understandable with the thick accent that accompanies, and low enough that if one wasn't paying attention they wouldn't of even noticed he spoke at all under the loud sounds of the bass speakers and the music.

The same music that obscures Arseni's voice is currently driving the young Don crazy. Fiore sighs, her hands partially covering her ears. She hadn't heard Arseni, but introduces herself anyhow. "My name is Fiore Abandonato. I'm here to see Sevastyan Sokoll, and please tell me I did not come to this god-forsaken place for nothing."

Arseni, unfortunately, isn't the best at English and doesn't quite pick up everything she said. At the mention of his boss, he taps a headset in his ear. He asks Sevastyan in Russian about the two before him, and Sevastyan instructs Arseni to open the door immediately. He moves one of his dogs with his foot and opens the door.

Fiore takes hold of her Uncle Dante's arm and pulls him through the door and into a long white hallway. After walking about halfway down the hallway, the steel door they entered is shut, muting the music considerably. Fiore stops in her tracks and sighs. "Thank god."

Down the hallway is a another door that leads to a flight of concrete stairs. There's another steel door leading into a separate floor, and more stairs. Mikania is leaning against the door and gives Fiore a smile. "Halfway there. I keep telling Sevastyan to get the walls of this place painted. I think he's been in too many 'hospitals' to consider white everything nice. That, or maybe he considers this heaven. Most won't." She motions for them to walk down the next flight of stairs, grinning from ear to ear.

Dante glances at the white walls, following. "Yeah, but he is a crazy Russian Jew after all. I don't think the guy needs a reason."

They go down the next flight of stairs to find themselves at a room lined with deep blue fish tanks with exotic colors. Mikania gives a sigh and knocks on the only door there, which Nikolai answers with a growl aimed in Fiore's direction. "Christ," he goes to close the door, but Mikania blocks it and weasels her way in to reveal the white room with only one wall of fish tank that masks slightly blurred figures on the other side but gives no true defined images.

"Welcome, Fiore!" Sevastyan announces, taking to his feet and kissing her cheek again.

Fiore freezes and resists the urge to wipe her cheek. She doesn't need to be considered rude by Sevastyan, seeing as she already mauled his son and is thinking about doing it again. Sevastyan leans over, tapping Nikolai on the shoulder. "Where's your hospitality?"

"Ah, it disappeared when I found out I had a broken rib," Nikolai groans, earning a half-glare from Sevastyan. He glowers at his father for a moment, and then kisses Fiore's cheek very quickly before he speeds across the room to the white couch immediately.

This time Fiore does wipe her cheek. Nikolai kissing her, even in greeting, is not something she is okay with. She sort of wishes he'd stuck around long enough to add another injury to his list. Sevastyan motions to the couch before looking to Dante. As if just noticing him, Sevastyan throws up his hands with a wide smile before grabbing Dante. "Fatass! How did I not notice you? You're practically taking up the whole doorway." Sevastyan kisses his cheek. "Welcome! Have a seat. I'm sure the walk down the stairs burned too many calories for your liking."

Dante looks positively stupefied, and his niece can't help but laugh at him. Fiore sits down on the white couch, as far away from Nikolai as possible. "Look at it this way, uncle Dante. At least Aunt Eve can't kill you for that one."

Sevastyan takes a seat next to Nikolai and props his feet on the table as Mikania walks into the room. She digs behind the couch for a moment and pulls out a silver speaker, purposely next to Fiore, clicking it on so that the club music begins to play. She starts dancing, and Nikolai watches her for a moment with a smirk. Arseni walks into the room a moment later, whispering something to Sevastyan. Sevastyan glances at the dogs that follow Arseni's heels as Arseni stands before the fish tank.

"Well then, comrades, how have you been? And pardon my son's poor mood. His mother was in a bad mood this morning, and he had to go to the hospital. I'm sure you're proud of yourself that, ma'am," he smiles to Fiore. "Also, my nephew would like his weapon back. This is his big brother, Arseni, but I wouldn't recommend speaking to him. He might think it is a threat and shoot you."

Arseni scoffs at the mention of his name, and Mikania leans over to wave at him as she dances. "Arseni is a bit anti-social. Military boys get that way, sometimes. It's a pity really." She continues to dance, putting her hands over her head and enjoying herself as the music from upstairs pounds through the speaker.

Fiore glares a little back at Mikania. The irritation of the club music in her ear completely undermines the fact that she will have to return the battleaxe she took from the funeral home. She rubs her ear and looks at the Russian Don. "So, Sevastyan, what am I here for?"

Sevastyan gets a wide smile and taps a device at his hip. A woman in a black dress walks in carrying a silver tray with shot glasses on it filled with vodka, and absinthe martinis, prepared ahead of time. "Drinks?" Sevastyan offers as the woman casts a look around at them. Mikania grabs one of the shot glasses and downs it, dropping it back on the tray. Sevastyan and Nikolai wait for Dante and Fiore to grab one. "I trust Maggie to have taken extra care with our drinks?"

"Of course, Mr. Sokoll. Always," Maggie replies. "They're safe."

Dante gives Fiore a look as if she shouldn't accept, but she just smiles. "I'm allowed on special occasions, Uncle, and besides I should be polite." She picks up one of the martini glasses, not knowing what is in it and figuring its safer than taking a shot. Fiore is very wrong. She takes a drink, instantly cringing and covering her mouth with her hand to hide it. It tasted very bitter.

Sevastyan gives her a smile. "The first drink's the worst." He picks up one of the green martinis as well and even the Russian Don cringes a bit when he takes a drink.

Dante picks up a shot and downs it, before looking at the woman who brought in the tray of drinks. "What exactly is in those martinis? Why are they green?"

The Russian Don slumps back in his seat, a wide smile crossing his face as he takes another drink, whispering something to Nikolai. Nikolai grabs a shot of vodka, as Maggie frees one of her hands to tuck back her blonde curls. "Oh? Well, they're absinthe martinis. Mr. Sokoll has a bit of a fascination with the stuff."

"The green fairy," Nikolai grins as he downs the shot. "How fitting for you, Fiore."

Fiore gives him a mocking smile. "Then why aren't you drinking one too?" She asks and takes another drink of the bitter green liquid. She didn't actually know what absinthe was. Her uncle does, however, and takes the glass from her, putting it on the table.

Sevastyan gives a twitch and nudges Arseni. Arseni instantly lifts up his highly powerful rifle and aims it at Dante's forehead. "It's not polite to take someone's drink," Sevastyan scolds.

Dante stares for a moment. "So you want to fuck up my niece on illegal alcohol?"

"She picked it," he replies calmly. He swishes his hand and Mikania grabs the glass, returning it to Fiore's hand, never once managing to stop dancing. She winks at Fiore before going back to her spot before the speaker. "Any argu- "

Before Sevastyan finishes, a large dark splatter appears on the glass from the other side of the wall. Sevastyan sits bolt upright at the sound of the splatter hitting, and turns to glare in the fish tank's direction. "God damn it!"

Fiore looks up and at the splatter on the glass of the fish tank. She takes another drink, for some strange reason, of the absinthe that was pushed back into her hand. "That looks like blood." Her comment is completely calm, as if that is the most normal thing to say in the world.

"It most likely fucking is blood on my fish tank," he roars, taking an obscenely large gulp of the drink in is hand before setting it on the table. He reaches through his pockets and pulls out a cell phone, casting a look at Mikania. "I want a report. Now."

Mikania nods and downs another shot of vodka before practically running out of the room. Sevastyan grabs his drink again, and Maggie just smiles. "Well, if I won't be needed anymore," she looks a little nervous and sets the tray on the table, following Mikania out the door, and nearly at the same speed.

Fiore looks up at Sevastyan, watching the Russian rage and shakes her head. She feels it is best to just sit quietly with her drink, which she does. Dante gives her a look, wondering why the girl is still drinking the absinthe, before looking at the tank. "Which brings up the question of why there is blood on the fish tank?"

Nikolai glances at his father, looking calm about the situation even if his father looks absolutely pissed. "Roulette Ring. One rule is not to get blood on the fish tanks," he shrugs his shoulders. "So chances are, now they're all going to get slit through."

Sevastyan twitches uncomfortably and takes a drink, ranting to himself in Russian vehemently. He even moves his hands as he talks, almost appearing to be talking to someone else in the room, despite the fact that he's aiming himself at no one.

Fiore looks up at Nikolai, intrigued at what he was saying. "Russian Roulette?" She gives a smile as she takes an unusually large drink without thinking. She flinches and coughs, but is still thinking about death being played as a game next door.

"No, Swedish roulette," Nikolai snaps with a mock smile on his face. "Who are you in the company of? I know absinthe does some fucking weird shit but I've never once seen it make someone stupid. Oh, wait, you're usually that way."

Fiore gives Nikolai a glare over the top of her glass, about to say something. Mikania bursts through the door, stopping her, and followed by a bloody man that looks like an older version of Sevastyan walk into the room. "Gavriil, I want my report," the Don instantly growls out.

Gavriil claws underneath his eyes and groans. "The idiot was shaky when he grabbed the magnum and ended up blasting himself through the throat. His neck snapped. I told the fucker to shoot upwards so it wouldn't hit the tank but he missed his own head. Who the fuck misses their own head?"

"Well maybe if you paid more attention to your job instead of planning to play golf with your new supervisor this kind of shit wouldn't happen," Sevastyan roars, grabbing Nikolai's empty glass and throwing it in Gavriil's direction. "Go fucking clean it up yourself, Gavriil!"

"Then who's going to deal with the players?"

"I'll fucking deal with the players," he growls. "Get the hell out of my sight, brother, now." Gavriil turns and walks out of the room, slamming the door behind him, and Mikania cringes.

"Sevastyan, you're not supposed to enter the- "

"I don't fucking care, Mikania!"

Nikolai just gives a sigh and tilts his head in Fiore's direction. "Now I'm kind of regretting not grabbing a martini."

Fiore looks down into the green liquid of her own martini, which is only about half full now. She shrugs, looking back up at him. "Maybe you should have."

Dante glances at the door that Gavriil just slammed. "Brother?"

Fiore tilts her head a little, looking at Nikolai. She remembered the name Gavriil from before. "You called him a eunuch." Nikolai just gives her an odd look, taking to his feet.

Sevastyan stands up as well, forcing a hospitable smile, and motions towards the door. "Well, I'm sorry to say but our little gathering is going to have to be cut short, unless you would like to join me in removing the world of some worthless bodies."

Dante shakes his head, refusing the Russian's offer, but Fiore immediately contradicts him. She gives a smile, standing up with her martini still in her hand. She takes another sip of it, before looking at Sevastyan. "I'm up for helping."

Sevastyan just nods and walks through the door. Mikania clicks off the speaker and follows him. Arseni does the same, giving a very nasty glare off towards Dante before following. He whistles out a command and his Doberman pinschers follow him accordingly.

Nikolai stops to feel in his coat and goes to pull out his gun. He winces for a moment, mumbling something about a rib before pulling out his gun and walking down the hallway. "Christ."

Dante simply stares at the others, shaking his head, before taking another shot off the tray. This is going to be interesting. He then proceeds, rather reluctantly, to follow them into to the roulette room.

The room is divided into two sections. Bulletproof glass divides off a section of seats with very few occupation capabilities. Four cameras line the corners over the room, moving freely to show all angles of the room. Blood stains mark the walls in various places, and the room smells as if to be used frequently and also of ammonia. Several of the people are strapped to their chairs except for one arm with limited mobility. Though about three of them are sprayed with blood, and one of them, with his back to the fish tank, hangs limply, twitching and clearly not entirely dead yet. Sevastyan is towering over him, shouting, as if the dying could hear him or even care.

Some of the men at the table are legitimately crying, and others are staring blankly. One of them, the one that was supposed to go next, actually appears to be happy that it wasn't him that ended up getting the bullet. You win some, but right now everyone but the rich are going to lose.

Nikolai sighs and opens the glass to go sit behind it. He props his feet up on the glass, and actually looks comfortable. He has no intentions of listening to his father bitch.

Arseni lifts his gun to shoot the happy man in the arm. The bullet rips straight through him, but the worse thing is the fact that the dogs instantly attack the man that was shot, and they're trained to kill. The dogs rip into the man, and blood sprays on Sevastyan's pant leg as one of them tears an artery of the man's into shreds. Sevastyan raises his hand as if to hit Arseni, but knows better and slaps the dying man next to him before storming out of the room, swearing out in Russian, psychotically.

Fiore gives a high giggle over her nearly empty glass after avidly watching the dogs attack. Dante turns and stares at her, but Fiore just giggles more. She drains the martini, before handing it to her uncle, still in a little bit of a giggle fit as she speaks. "Might as well clean up for Sev, huh?" She smiles at Dante who is just staring at her and she points at the glass she just handed him. "I want another one of those."

The blue haired Mikania casts her a wide smile, purposely pressing a little against Fiore's back and reaching over her to grab the glass from Dante. She turns and whispers to Fiore with a wide smile. "Don't worry. I'd be happy to go get you another one, or would you like a different version?"

Fiore smiles at Mikania, and she can't quite figure out exactly what the problem she had with this nice blue haired girl was. She pulls her butterfly knife out of her pocket and flicking it open. "Surprise me." She responds to the question about her drink.

Dante looks at Fiore, then at Mikania. "Don't get her anything else. She shouldn't be drinking in the first place."

"Cute leaders before fat people the boss doesn't like," Mikania replies. Her smile is unnaturally wide as she actually dances her way out of the room

Nikolai opens the door for a moment, now not particularly having to hear his father, and looks at Fiore, then to Dante. "She looks fucking crazy. This is the second time I've seen her with that knife, too." He turns to Arseni and says something, and Arseni calls off his dogs. "I'd rather see her go about this than mutts."

Dante looks at his niece and nods, silently agreeing that Fiore looks insane right about now. He shakes his head, and leans against the door to the room. Other than a few times of giving him a hand in interrogations, he's never actually seen Fiore do anything. He was aware she was capable of it, but he has never actually seen it with his own eyes. He was about to.

Fiore's eyes scan the room and she walks over to a man who is crying, with a smile still on her face. She tilts her head and just giggles again. "Oh, don't cry. You don't have to anymore." Her voice is abnormally girly and falsely nice. She reaches forward and pats the man on the shoulder, tracing the blade up his cheek. "After all, you're not getting shot. So, smile!" She places the knife at the corner of her victim's mouth, plunging it into the flesh and widening his smile on one side to his ear, before making the other side match. A scream meets her ears and she frowns. "Oh, he's still not happy," her tone suddenly switches to one of severe irritation. "And now he's making noise." To fix this newly arisen problem, she buries the blade into the man's throat and slits it to shut him up.

Nikolai looks at Dante. "I hope you know she's making some viewers very happy right now."

Dante looks shocked. "There are witnesses to this?" The Italian man is rapidly realizing that maybe his niece was not as together as he thought she was.

"Oh, don't worry," Nikolai responds. "They were the ones betting so they won't say a word."

The door opens and shuts quickly to reveal Mikania standing there with a glass of green liquid in one hand and a syringe in the other. "Oh Miss Fiore," she starts, holding up the glass and moving the syringe a little behind her. "I've brought you a drink. It's called an Atomic Bomb, and the title fits it for what this shit'll do to your brain." Her smile widens a little. "But it comes with a price. Interested?"

Fiore turns away from the now dead man, her hands and blade bloody. She walks back to Mikania a bit and tilts her head. "I want my drink." The price didn't seem important right now. What seemed important right now was getting her drink, and picking out another victim.

"Well, come here then." Mikania leans against the wall, in an obviously provocative stance. She aligns the syringe to make sure it doesn't stab her. Fiore walks over there, only interested in her drink, and Mikania slings the arm with the syringe around Fiore's waist and presses the young Don against her. "The price is I want a kiss, and a good one, at that. When I'm content, I'll give you the drink."

Fiore has completely forgotten that she is being watched at all, especially by her uncle. She gives a shrug and a smile, putting her bloody hands behind her back with the knife still in one of them. She presses further against Mikania, and gives her the required kiss. After all, she did want that drink so she could continue 'working'.

Mikania slides her hand up Fiore's back, purposely sliding her hand for a brief grope to test Fiore a bit more for Nikolai. Fiore brushes Mikania's hand away, somewhat halfheartedly. "That wasn't part of the deal."

"Maybe I wasn't content with the kiss," Mikania chimes before pulling Fiore back into a kiss. Her hand grips Fiore's neck, and she feels for Fiore's pulse. Upon finding it, she adjusts the needle to slide it into the vein in the Italian's neck. She drops the needle to the floor and kicks it away. She breaks the kiss, smiling. "I guess that'll do." She carefully hands Fiore the glass. "Have you ever had absinthe before today?"

Nikolai shifts a little and gets a smile on his face. "Aha. She is a fucking dyke, and now Dad definitely has some happy costumers."

Dante gives Nikolai a glare. "Shut up, you little fucker."

"Why? She's not hiding it." Nikolai responds, a smile still on his face.

"Just shut up." Dante fumes, feeling it was best not to forcefully try and shut the boy up, seeing as he is in the middle of Russian territory. He, also, feels he is going to need to have a long talk with his niece once she sobers up about whether or not this is how she always conducts, but he suspects he already knew that answer.

Fiore, however, is completely oblivious through the adrenaline rush of causing death and the effects of the absinthe of anyone having a problem with what she was doing or the fact that she was just injected with something. That little bit of pain didn't matter. She downs about half of her new drink, cringing at the bitter taste before smiling at Mikania. Her fingers leave bloody prints upon the glass before she sets it down on the table. "Do you want to help me?" She gestures with the blade of her butterfly knife at the remaining players.

Mikania gets an insane grin on her face to match Fiore and puts her hands on her hips. "Help?" She seemed a little too inclined to do this. "Sure! But I'm afraid I don't have a weapon right now." As if to emphasize this statement, Mikania takes off her coat and throws it at Dante. Used to Fiore doing this, the Italian man catching the coat on instinct, before realizing that he doesn't need to hold it and puts it on a chair. Mikania's dress is comprised of leather straps of about five inches in width, with another five inches of space in between each one and the next. The so-called dress goes to about mid thigh and is held together by thin vertical straps. At this point, Dante again leans against the door, putting his hand on his forehead and shaking his head. The Russians are fucking weird, weirder than he remembered.

Fiore looks disappointed and claps her bloody hands together. "That's sad. I'm sure you can find something." Without another word, she turns back around to face the unfortunate players. She scans the men still living, finding one who is simply staring off at the wall, showing no emotion. She's found her new victim.

Mikania brings her finger up to her bottom lip, tapping on it a bit. "Hm. I'm sure there are plenty of toys downstairs here. Any requests? I'm sure I could go find it."

Fiore, however, is simply tilting her head at the calm man, before downing the rest of her drink. She plays her open knife against her palm a little. "No, I think I can make him cry without anything else." As the young Don speaks, she takes hold of her new target's wrist, driving the blade of her knife underneath the fingernail of his index finger and pushing it back far that the tip of the blade nicks the man's knuckle, before cracking the handle upward. A scream meets her ears and Fiore smiles as she pushes the blade into his middle finger in the same fashion. "Tsk. You should've cried earlier." She scolds, before jerking the knife upward again.

Mikania cringes at Fiore's actions, smirking to herself. Mikania was crazy, but she isn't quite as crazy as Fiore. "As fun as that looks, though extremely creative, I think I'm going to go get some barbed wire and gasoline." As she turns to leave, she stops. Glancing at Dante, she actually blows a kiss before she walks out the door.

As Fiore attempts to make the other fingers on her victim's hand match, Dante has had enough. Even he is becoming disturbed by his niece's behavior. He walks over to her and grabs hold of her arm roughly. "It's time to go, Fiore."

Nikolai grins at Dante, standing up. "Time to go, huh? Such a pity, and I was thinking Mikania was starting to like you. That or like Fiore."

Fiore allows herself to be pulled away from her 'work' by her uncle, but she makes him stop when she passes Nikolai. Both her hands still bloody, she grips his shoulder with one of them, and pats his cheek nicely with the other. "Be nice, Nikolai." She says with a smile and an unusually girly voice.

Nikolai arches a brow at her and kind of scoffs. "Right." He actually pulls a moist towelette out of his jacket pocket and wipes his face.

As Dante continues to pull her toward the door, Fiore just giggles. "You're so gay, Nikolai."

"You were the one just making out with a woman." Nikolai responds, and Fiore just laughs more. Dante opens the door, pulling his niece away from the mafia prince. He doesn't need a fight right now. Not paying attention, he runs right into a glaring Sevastyan.

His cold black eyes glisten a little as he crosses his arms over his chest, and he glances at Fiore. His eyes go back to Dante and they seem even more stern than ususal. "I never want to here any comment like that named at my son ever again. I say nothing about the bizarre behavior of your Don, make sure my son is not insulted. I consider you the responsible one, fatass." He pats Dante on the shoulder. "People who are responsible for insulting my bloodline do not come out of it well."

Fiore gives a nice, compliant smile. "Okay, Sev."

Dante just stares at her, and then at Sevastyan. Looking very frustrated at this point, he simply grits his teeth. "Okay. I'm leaving, and I'm taking her home."

"Do you want a drink for the road?" Sevastyan asks.

Fiore's face lights up a little. "Yes, I want–"

"No!" Dante snaps at her.

"Oh," Fiore says, sighing. "But, Uncle Dante–"


"Oh." She says again, a pouting tone in her voice.

Sevastyan takes it upon himself to had the young Don the drink he was holding. He winks at Fiore and smiles. "Well, goodbye, my Italian– whatever you are. I shall see you the next time we have a deal to arrange."

Fiore waves with the hand that is now holding a drink again, but Dante doesn't even say a word. If he has it his way, there will be no more deals with the Russians. Ever. As he pulls the drunken Fiore back through the crowd of ravers, she attempts to make him stop, protesting that she likes the song she is hearing. This comment only makes the Italian man more determined to get his niece home.

He helps Fiore into his car, before getting in the driver's seat himself. She slumps against her uncle and closes her eyes, resting her head on his shoulder. Dante sighs. How was he going to explain this to Eve? He was the responsible one after all.

Fiore shifts, glancing into the very empty back seat of the car. She pokes her uncle's arm, half asleep already. "Tell Tore that cousin Fiore is fine, will you?"

Definitely no more deals with the Russians.

End Story #1 The Deal