Inspired to Retreat by, VCCV off of FanFictionNet and "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" by, My Chemical Romance.

Fallen into the depths,
I can't see the light.
I can't see the light
at the end of the tunnel.
All is dark in my world.
Out of the endless
depths of my nightmares,
I can see your saving grace.
Alone you can save me,
otherwise, I am gone.
I dream in shades of grey,
so don't tell me that
this can't work because
of you and me.
I don't know why you hesitate,
I don't know why you stall.
Something I can never understand
is why you save me and then leave me.
I will never know why you insist
on playing these games that kill.
Why do you hesitate with the knife
when we both know that you are already killing me.
Why can't you make the one choice
that would save both of us from this pain.
Why must we argue the finer points of this
when you know what you must do.
Why do I have to take your hand,
why do I have to be the one to plunge
the knife deep within my chest,
why can't you do this for me?

Why do you say nothing? Sitting in the courtroom,
I can see your tears, cried too late.
Why do you say these lies? Why do you continue?
I killed myself and you sit these saying
I held the knife.
I stabbed her.
I ended her life.
She didn't do it.
Why do you hurt me, even after I'm dead?
Why do you shed tears for all the hurt you've caused me?

Whatever happened to the girl who would
never have skipped class?
What happened to the boy who jumped
headfirst into everything he did?
What happened to the lives we
used to live and the people we used to be?
What happened to the cute couple that
held hands and didn't care?
Whatever happened to us?

Suicide in G-minor