You look at me
like some twisted
Delphic prophesy
Can you even know what I'm reaching for?
Too short to reach…
Can you even see?
Painted lips on blank white skin
You scold me from that perch
on your rickety chair.
Wagging your finger in the air.
Stretching, stretching…
Malaria to my eyes,
your tainted glow
That ridiculous robe
looks like dirty snow
Who are you to tell me I can't have wings?
They're up there, I'm trying to…
Maybe if I stand on something…
You give me that look,
my stomach slithers up my throat...
I won't take it.
Put away that rod
Put away that grin
No, I won't come down.
I'm still reaching; He'll come for me…
I think I'll stand on mediocrity…
That crisp clothing laughs at me
Your perfect
geometric features-
Like my reflection in your face…
That trim and terrible face…
Nothing can stop me… reach harder!
Speak on, I won't listen
Words so watered down
trickle down, leak
through my head
Don't you look at me
that way!
I won't submit
I'll never cling to that
spotless, grey skirt
Never wear your gilded chains
Or paint my face
like regular 9 to 5 poison.
It's too high… oh, don't let me fall!
Don't gawk, I'm not
I'm being lifted high
I'll never cry
Bid me farewell,
as I bid the ground
I will dare
To disturb the universe-
I can almost reach it…
Higher, Daddy, higher!
To disturb the universe.
Al…most… there… REACH!

A/N: I'm not a huge fan of free verse, but I kinda liked how this turned out. The image I was seeing when I wrote this was really weird, but it fit with what I was feeling. I'd be interested to know if anyone sees what I saw when they read this. There is also a T. S. Elliot allusion in there that I want to see if anyone gets. Please tell me I'm not the only one who reads T. S. Elliot…