This is a survey answered as the character would answer.

1) Name: Bridget Ashley

2) Nicknames: Ash, Bridge

3) Birthday: June 4th

4) Religion: Jewish reform

5) Ethnicity: Polish, maybe

6) Height: 5'7"

7) Weight: 101 lbs

8) Hair/eye color: bright blonde/grey

9) Family: Me, my three younger brothers, and my fabulously wealthy parents


10) Music: Kiss FM was made in my honor, I swear

11) Movies: good ones, usually stuff from Miramax, Paramount, and Columbia

12) Color: Pearl white

13) Food: Um, yeah, I don't really eat a whole lot, and most of what I do eat tastes like crap because it's so low fat, but, I guess Orbit White bubblemint

14) Drink: water

15) School Subject: English

16) Least Favorite School Subject: Chemistry

17) Hobbies: Parties, shopping, clubbing, having lunch with celebrities

18) Strengths: I'm in with all the best actors in Hollywood

19) Weaknesses: I'm not in with the directors

20) Best Friends: Anyone who can get me my first starring role

21) Turn Ons: muscles, good-looking, power

22) Turn Offs: Losers

23) Loves: Getting what I want

24) Hates: the word "no"

25) Fears: Spiders

26) Dreams/hopes: I will become an Oscar winning actress

27) Likes: For the mean time, Jake, and I have no idea why… except that he's really good looking and that if he's with me he can't spend time with a little bitch like Brenda Banks

28) Style: Vogue gets its ideas from me

29) Disney Character: Mirage from the Incredibles

30) Idolizes: Reese Witherspoon, Catherine Zeta Jones, you know, good actresses

31) Jokes(Telling, Laughing, Confused): Laughing, after all, that's why all the guys are telling jokes in the first place

32) Lifestyle: I am fabulously wealthy and I get everything I want, plus I sing and I will soon act as well

33) Personality: Snappy, but nice if you please me

34) Political Stance: Left

35) Left or Right handed: right handed

36) Would Be Labeled: I've been labeled Back-Stabbing Bitch and the Hottest Piece of Ass Since Venus

37) Body Art?: Belly ring

38) Secret: I always get what I want, no matter how hard I have to work for it.

39) Pen or Pencil: Pencil

40) Quote: Victory is mine! – Stewie Griffin