We're On To Better Things (I Hope)

I'd kiss you

If I knew it wouldn't sting

But you can't promise that I won't hurt.

Cold, distant stares burn

And your burning touch freezes me up

I know you mean well

But you're killing me with kindness

Now all that's left for me is to dig myself a grave

Right beside you in bed

Because I have a feeling we're still got a long way to go

And I'm anything but just here for the ride.

We're going somewhere great, babe.

I just hope we'll pull this one off too,

And maybe this time it'll be pain free.

A/N- I didn't dream up this one, I felt it. This is one of those poems where I have an idea of where it came from but... Writing poetry is half the fun. The best part is trying to figure out what you meant.


The Fourth Fate